Friday, March 22, 2019

Youth Representation in movies Ten Things I Hate About You compared to Stand By Me :: Papers

Youth image in movies Ten Things I Hate About You comp ared to go By Me From the genuinely beginning of both films we can see there is sack to be a big difference. At the very beginning of 10 things I hate about you we see a big town, which I think is Seattle because in the background I can see the CN rise, and also there is a sort of modern U.S.A. high nurture rock beingness played which is multifariousness of upbeat. Unlike Stand By Me which starts run into with an adult sitting in a car, in a field, in the middle of nowhere, and there is slow old music being played in the background as the adult is reading a newspaper article about an attorney being killed (later on we wee-wee that the attorney was once a very close friend). Also from the very beginning 10 Things. starts with very bright colours which shows us that its is going away to be a cheerful, interesting and happy film, we can say this because thats the kind of feelings people get fr om bright colours. However Stand by me starts off with a quite dull colour evasion, because of the dull colour scheme we can say that it is going to be a sad film, as well as an emotional film. Also the youths in 10 Things. lifestyles are basic entirelyy going to school which we can relate to and also, they date, get drunkard and have lots of friends which we can also relate to. However the youths in 10 Things. are very privileged and we know this by any the places they can go and hang out, for good example paint balling boating and all the sports that they are offered from school in which they can take part. Unlike Stand By Me which must be during the holidays because although the children mention school, we never see them in school, there lifestyle is completely different to the youths in 10 Things., for example Chris, Verne, Gordie and Teddy usually lounge

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