Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Organizational Values Essay

The decision individual makes reflect their own(prenominal)ised beliefs about what is important for them and the decision organization make reflect their personal belief about what they think is important. The personal and organizational value develops establish on the decisions we make. Value alignment comes into place when the values of an individual atomic number 18 same as the values of their organization. If there is no alignment betwixt the organization and employees, then the organization becomes in a more disagreeable condition. Companies who create a value alignment have very hardly a(prenominal) enigmas. They know what their employees wish and they know how to provide it.The value of the employees is important for favored for an organization. The values of an organization and the values of the nurse impact nurse difference and enduring outcomes. If the nurses have a happy environment in the infirmary, it becomes a happy environment for the customers too. When nur sing staff members feel empowered in the decision making process, they be energized to share their best talent, and skill. Nurses are the kernel of the health care organization (Nurses as implementers, 2003). An alignment mingled with hospital and nurses will increase nurses satisfaction as well as patient satisfaction.The importance of effective communicating in nursing is important when it comes to interacting with patients, health check team members and doctors. Mis colloquy ca employments misunderstandings, low performance, misdiagnosis and patient suffering. Therefore, nurses acquire effective communication skills in order to competently supervise. Communication in nursing practice serves a vital function in the building of helpful relationship patients, and coworkers. pickings time to listen to and understand patients experiences convey a message that patients perception cared for and respected.Through communication a patient can be lull and understand their sickness ful ly. Once, when I worked as a charge nurse, a patient wanted to inform me about something. She told me that her assigned nurse was not giving pain music on correct time, and demanded for a assorted nurse. When I talked to the assigned nurse she told me that she gave all pain medication on time and that patient was ready to be discharged but the problem as that the patient didnt want to leave. I checked the medication administration record and it indicated that the nurse gave all the medication on time.I didnt change the assigned nurse instead I intractable to make for care of the patient. I talked with the patient asked her why she doesnt want to go home. She replied saying that the pharmacy she gets her medication from is closed on Saturday and sunshine and she cannot get her discharge medication until Monday. She also complained about not having whatever ride back home after being discharged. I called the kind worker and she arranged to get her medication for the patient from hospitals charity for few days and also provided the patient with a taxi voucher. I called the cab and discharged the patient home without any problem.The means I handled this situation was by communicating to the patient, and knowing her needs, and acting accordingly. By effectively communicating, problems can be solved easier without any further dissatisfaction from the patient. Nurses are able to prevent or manage conflicts by improving their communication skills. It is important for the nurse to try to understand the early(a) partys situation. Then the nurses can become focused about being understood. typically during a conversation, an individual is already tries to think of a response to get out to a person instead of just listening to what is being verbalise (Marshall, 2006).Most importantly the nurse must have the patience to listen, and not interrupt while the other person is talking. A good communication skill allows the nurse to resolve his or her own conflicts or t ake appropriate actions for conflict resolution between other individuals. Communication is the get word factor in response to any problems. Effective communication helps maintaining credibleness by solving the problems that arrive. Effective communication techniques influence the values of other nurses and are effective in problem-solving processes in the organization and the profession.People use organization values to lead themselves throughout their lives. Organizational values and each(prenominal) employees personal values need to blend in as well as impact peoples behaviors and attitudes in the workplace. When employees fails to connections between taking responsibility for living their own lives and the accomplishment of organizational objectives, those organizations mental test the risk of falling short on promises made to customers, or worse, flunk to meet ethical or legal standards.

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