Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Dangers Involved with Internet Usage Essay example -- Computers

Dangers Involved with meshwork Usage The profits right a charge is constantly advancing and expanding. Over the last several years it has changed the way that we learn, communicate, shop and conduct business. Although there are many advantages to the Internet, there are also many serious problems that occur with Internet use. Some of the problems of the Internet include, cyberstalking and identity theft and Internet addiction. Although the Internet cannot be blamed for the fundament of these problems, using the Internet as a tool has made these problems bigger. The barrier cyberstalking was unknown to most people ten years ago, however due(p) to lower costs and the increased access to computers, today it is a unremarkably used term. It can be defined as the use of the internet, email or other electronic communication devices to hound another person (Beware of Cyberstalking, 1). There are many work outs of cyberstalking such as displace threaten e-mail live chat harassment called flaming (online verbal abuse), going away vulgar messages on message boards or in guest books, and sending electronic viruses. Just like off-line stalking, online stalking can be terrifying to victims, and many times online stalking leads to offline stalking. Online stalkers share similar characteristics to off-line stalkers. Typically they are men who desire to control the victim, usually a woman (Netscape).Identity theft can be considered a form of cyberstalking. Identity thieves obtain information in a variety of ways including message boards and online chats. One common way that they obtain information is by sending an email message stating that a persons peak information needs to be updates or that the credit card you ... ...p? refer= 1550760407&return=n&site=ehost&profile=webCyberstalking A New contend for Law Enforcement and Industry. A report from the Attorney General to the Vice President. rarefied 1999. Online. 20,February 2002.ID. (February 14, 2001)Governments central website for information about identity theft. Retrieved February 20, 2002 from http//www.consumer.gov/idtheft/Hall, Alex. Hall, Alex S. (2001, October) Internet Addiction College Student Case Study Using Best Practices in Cognitive Behavior Therapy. p.2. Retreived February 20, 2002 From EBSCO academic Universe database Cyber Stalking (2001). Cyberstalking. Retrieved February 20, 2002 from http//www.ncvc.org/special/cyber_stk.htm

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