Wednesday, March 27, 2019

The Main Themes of Journeys End Essay -- Journeys End R.C. Sherriff

The Main Themes of Journeys EndSheriff showed a push-down list of themes in this book, which made it preciseeffective. The main themes wereHeroism,The reality of warf arGrief/mourningIrony of the blow divulgeCowardice/fearHopelessness of warThe cross section of types of tidy sum/officersThe coping of the pressure of war.DutyIn belligerentism, in this text, we clearly fascinate that Raleigh tries to be ahero but fails. Raleigh (excitedly) I say Stanhopes told me slightlythe raid. This suggests that Raleigh had a set run into of war (go andkill the enemy and be a hero), but he didnt know the reality of it(death).In the text, we see a quiet hero shown in Osborne. Osborne my namesOsborne. Second in command of the company. You merchant ship birdsong me sir infront of the men. This suggests that Osborne went day in and day outfor his country and did his duty, even though he knew he was going to soften for a hopeless cause. He was also very level headed, and wasreferred by everyone by uncle, so he made a great hero.In the text, we see that Stanhope is nearly everyones hero (Raleighsthe most). Raleigh he was skipper of rugby footb completely at Barford, and keptwicket for the eleven. This suggests to us that he was a bornleader, as he led school teams, making him a great leader and is alsoadmired by a lot of his collies, as he is very committed to his job.In the reality of war, in the text, we see from Raleigh it is veryquiet. Raleigh Ive never known anything so quiet. This suggestsRaleigh is very inexperienced, and he is learning the reality of warin this aspect.In the text, we see that the expectations of Raleigh about the war arevery different. Raleigh it seemed so frightfully quiet and uncanny... ...o cope this essential be very effective thats why hes copedso long with the war.In the theme of the coping of the pressure of war, each person has hisown manner of coping with this pressure, some pretend life at war is exchangeablelife at home.In Duty, we see Osborne non complain about the raid. Osborne Oh(pause) Why Raleigh? This shows us that Osborne is ready to die forhis country, and doesnt try to fetch a way out. This also shows hesvery honorable to his country as hes been in the war long, alwaysdoing his duty.In the text, we see Hibbert try to dash off time. Stanhope youre justwasting time as much as you can. This shows Hibbert is not botheredto do his duty hed rather die not being a coward, than going outthere and dieing for your country.In conclusion, all the themes above where used to great effect in thisplay, by R.C Sherriff.

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