Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Comparing and Constrasting Jack and Algernon Essay -- The Importance o

Comparing and Constrasting Jack and AlgernonIn this Essay I will comp ar and contrast the characters of Jack andAlgernon. I will do this by looking at their behaviour and attitudestowards f food, marriage, women, social class, education and money. Iwill endeavour to show that these characters be not dissimilar as wemight first be guide to believe.I will use both the text as swell as the juvenile film version to provemy ideas.Algernon Moncrief lives in an dearly-won flat located in Half-MoonStreet. He is a real emotive character just like Wilde himself.As far as the piano is c erstrned, sentiment is my forte.We think he is rich, which, however, soon, especially in the modernfilm version, is proven to be wrong. Right at the start hatful who heowes money chase him.Also his butler Lane complains active him not paying his lone.Algernon comes from a rich family. His auntieie, Augusta Bracknell, isvery rich.In order to keep up his live style and his place in society he has todine with his aunt a fair hardly a(prenominal) times. Too often in his opinion.I dined there on Monday, and once a week is quite enoughIt shows us that Algernon expects a lot, a high standard of living butis not prepared to do anything to achieve and to deserve it. He wantsit presented to him on a salver.Dining with his aunt is even too much.Algernon is not serious at all. He loves talk about everything,making comments and statements and expressing his opinion toeverything. He has a rich aunt and does not need to worry aboutanything, except for what he is passage to eat.Jack is also fortuned. He inherited some money from the fresh Mr ThomasCardew. A wealthy man who found him the cloakroom of capital of Seychelles station... ...being really good all the time. That would be hypocrisy. Gwendolynand Cecily are attracted by the wicked and disreputable backgrounds ofAlgernon and Jack and are not really implicated in who they reallyare, as long as their name is Ernest.Cecily keeps a diary and in her diary she is already engaged toAlgernon(Ernest) months before he has asked her to marry him. On the14th of February last.Worn out by your unblemished ignorance of my existence, I determined toend the matter one way or the other, and after a long struggle withmyself I accepted you down the stairs this dear old tree hereCecily hates education. She does not want to victimize and so this showsthat she does not want to use or waste it. This poop also be shown, asshe writtes a diary and says that she does not consider her memory. Shelikes reading and writing her diary which is like her memory.

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