Thursday, March 7, 2019

Myself: Primary Education Essay

In 1995 I was born as my buzz off Mohan and my mformer(a) Kalaiselvi second child in Hospital Gerik Perak. That day when I open my eyes for the first time, my parents were very happy. My name was given on the seventh day I was born. A hardly a(prenominal) moment aft(prenominal) that, I was surrounded by many people and they said that Im so cute and beautiful. My name was given on the 7th day I was born. Kishen Nair is my name. When Im 10th month grey-haired I start mumbling and the word Amma and Aca was spoken by me. My parents were so happy to hear me speak. After that I began to crawling and afterwards few months I can walk and run.I was very naughty. My dad unendingly scold me but my mum pampered me a lot. At the age of 4, I have to go kindergarten. Oh my god, wherefore would my parent sent me to school as Im too young? First day at kindergarten, I was so nervous and I started to cry because my parents were not thither with me. I ventured myself and try to generate frien ds. Lucky me, I got many friends and we were so happy enjoying our school life. Graduated from kindergarten as a bright student, I move on to my primary school, first day a turning nervous but I managed to control myself from crying.I started to make refreshing friends at new school. I didnt really concentrate on my studies because of influenced from my friends. My exam grade slowly began to fall down and this make my parents aggravated on me. My parents decided to send me to tuition centre, so I began to remediate myself a crook. One day, my dad lectured me and I began to realised. So I started to news report hard. I gave full attention in class. I buy rough exercise book to rectify my knowledge. The issuance, I get superb give in my examination. I took my UPSR examination in 2006.After finish my UPSR exam, I was so happy because I didnt have to go to school. I spend my holiday with my family at Pulau Pangkor. That place was so, beautiful. It help me bonding my blood wit h the rest family members. Besides that, I got to spend my time with my sister and my brother. Its really enjoyable. After 1 month of break, the nervous part began for me because the guide is coming out. In the morning, I had a beautiful dreams that I am getting 5A and my parents were proud of me. Then my mom wake me up. Then solely I realise it was just a dream.I wake up and took my bath. After that, my dad sent me to school and he wish me luck. I was happy a bit when I enter my school entrance hall every sensation was happy with their gist. Then I saw my teacher holding my result with a happy on her face. Then I feel so happy when I saw my result. I got 3A 2B. I was a bit upset because I didnt get 5A. My parents said that it was okay. I march on my studies in secondary school. It was quite different than primary school. Everything went well with the studies and friends. In 2009 I sat for PMR examination, it was so difficult.All the subject was tough decorous and didnt get goo d marks on my PMR trials. Luckily my PMR result was good enough I got 1A 2B 3C 2D and I deserve it as much as the effort I gave. After 2 years, I enter form 5 and my life changed. I always caused headache at school. My friends and I used to bullied other students. Playing truant was the one that I always do. At the end of the year, as usual, I had to impersonate for SPM examination. I was so relaxed and never worried about(predicate) SPM. So, when exam time, I do my exam and thank god, I passed on all of my subject. I got 1B+ 2B 1C+ 4D and 1E.In 2013, 3rd January Ive been chosen to be part of interior(a) service team. First day at camp was so bored. twenty-four hour period by day, I enjoy my camp life. I got new friends from other city. I enjoy my camp life. After completed the national service, I realise that my ambition since Im young is to be a policeman. Im pretty sure you are wondering why I want to be a policeman even though I study in different course that doesnt make an y sense with police field. It is because, I admire my uncle. Hes a policeman. First of all, the attire for policeman is so nice.The person tiring policeman suit will look very confident and responsible. Besides, this profession needs a lot of hard work and sacrifices. Well, Im a hardworking person and responsible. I want to serve our body politic and as all people know that become a policeman is very good choice. This work field can discipline oneself peculiarly mine. In 5 years time, I assumed myself to be a successful and brave policeman that can serve our beloved country. I hope that Ill be a good son to my parents as well as good friend to all my friends.Currently, Im pursuing my studies in Diploma in Occupational Safety wellness at City University College of Science and Technology and whats interesting is after few weeks study, I got my first assignment, and this is it. All thanks to Mr. Hari, my counsellor. Im so grateful to Mr. Hari for given me task to do. This way, I ca n improve my writing and not waste time doing nothing. Thank you sir. In conclusion, Im an easy going person. Im very thankful for the life Ive been given and for everything. Basically this is it. Thats all about me. (1034 words).

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