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The Great Athena Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

The coarse genus Athene - Essay ExampleLeQuire found out that the buffer sculptor, Pheidias, built the Athena on with swerve ivory on a wooden framework. The ivory acted as the gold wardrobe and skin for the original Athena. After sufficient research, LeQuire began to reconstruct the Athena.LeQuire began by first creating small clay models of the statue. From these models as starting points, the sculptor spent more than three years in enlarging the statue. This also involved the casting process which lead to the building of the full Athena of Parthenon. The artist assembled the Great Athena by casting gymnasium cement in the Parthenon. The assembly involved casting of many moulds that enlarged the statue while giving it its beautiful look. In order to ensure that the statue had sufficient support, LeQuire attached each of the sections of the Athena into an armature made of steel. There are some(prenominal) different materials which were used in the surface materials of the stat ues. The most obvious of these is gold, which can be seen on Athenas tunic, helmet, buckler, and spear. However, the other elements used in the statue were ivory and silver. The sculptor put a Sphinx likeness in the center of the statues helmet to make it more appealing. The statue was constructed and made upright with griffins on both sides of its helmet.The head of the view is one of the pieces of the work which is made of ivory, with a long, golden tunic that goes down to the Athenas feet. most of the elements of the statue, in addition to supplying it with physical beauty and attractiveness, were designed in order to have exemplaryal references to Athenas role as a goddess. For example, the spear is held on the hand of the Athena which is symbolic of war. In the other hand, the Athena holds the statue of victory to signify successful engagement in a war. The shield in the feet of the Athena is symbolic of protection from the serpent which is near the shield. It is argued that the serpent was meant to

Case Brief Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

slip-up Brief Analysis - Essay ExampleMoreover, the defendant had dozed off several times before they stop for drinks and food. The case was first heard by the District court of justice and upon the outcome of this court the plaintiff appealed to the romance of Appeal.The law provides that an operator of a motor vehicle is guilty of indifferent slight if he permits himself to wane asleep eon driving. An individual is also guilty if he continues to drive without taking reasonable precautions against quiescence after symptoms of drowsiness or fatigue.The lower court found that the defendant was not liable for negligence because he did not have any warning that he was going to fall asleep while on the roulette wheel. However, upon appeal, the appellate court found that the lower court had erred in applying the law to the evidence.The lower court found that although the defendant had been drinking, there was no evidence that he was unable to make the Jeep. The court observe t hat dozing as a passenger does not mean an individual will be unable to control a car when charged with the responsibility. The court was convinced that the defendant had acted in the same manner an ordinary man of average prudence would have acted. The appellate court, however, noted that there was ample warning to the defendant that he might fall asleep. The court observed that the defendant was drowsy before taking the wheel and did not take any precaution to arouse himself before taking the wheel. Accordingly, the court noted that the concomitant could not be unexpected in the absence of a precaution to prevent it.In a civil lawsuit the parents would sue the driver of the school bus and Ridgeview elementary school. The legal basis for suing the driver of the bus would be negligence. The legal basis for suing the school, on the other hand, would be because as an employer they are vicariously liable for the acts of its employee in the course of employment. Such a lawsuit can be brought in a Federal court

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Environmental science Lab Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Environmental science Lab - Essay ExampleFor instance, the journal know on good use and recycling of materials has fermentd the way I utilize available resources. Shopping habits energize changed for the better and I have developed the discipline of shopping the necessary and important things. More notably, I have changed the way I utilize natural resources especially nonrenewable resources. I have gained profoundly from the journal experiences and I have observed many changes in my daily life. I have bring forth to realize that our individual contribution towards the environment can have a remarkable impact. Undeniably, meaningful and overbearing change in the environment can only be realized when the individuals who understand environmental issues influence the rest of the population. Each one of us should be an environmental ambassador. Simply put, the journal experiences have taught me to be a more responsible global citizen especially when it comes to environmental conserv ation. Each step of the journal experiences was enjoyable. It fills me with blessedness knowing that my contribution towards the environment is greatly

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Implementation stage of the project Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Implementation stage of the endure - Assignment ExampleIs the resolution viable for execution How did the team arrive to this executing feasibility conclusion What should be done to ensure favored execution of the watchTo answer these questions, Nik and Alexs team must first determine the factors that would affect the performance of their proposed solution. That would squiffy they would have to consider both internal and external factors.Internal factors would be everything that relates to the organization during the process of transitioning the project from finality-making to implementation. Factors like organizational structure, roles and responsibilities, physical systems, decision authority, empowerment, compensation and incentives must be considered (Broadfuehrer, 2000). This is to ensure that there is a strong foundation in place within the organization that will enable the smooth transitioning of the project to the implementation phase. Having an organizational structu re would help identify the key persons that would take on the implementer roles and responsibilities. Physical systems and decision authority ensure that there are standards in place and resources available (e.g. people and budget) for the decision implementation. At the same time, empowerment, compensation and incentives drive commitment and responsiveness to the execution of the project. External factors, on the other hand, would be things relating and affecting Kava as a solely. In Kavas case these factors need to be considered legality of the implementation, governmental acceptance - the government and Kava citizens, the local standards, resource availability, environmental issues and constraints. These factors have an effect on how the whole project would be perceived and accepted by the Kava society. Knowing these factors and working around them during implementation would decidedly affect the success of the project as a whole.This is where the proposed solution technique t ies in with implementation process. Since the Stepladder approach was used in the decision-making process, it is around likely that the implementers were also part of the decision-making processes. This means that these factors for implementation, at least part of it, have already been considered. Ensuring that these implementation factors are tied in with the decision-making process, guarantees the smooth, effective and expeditious execution of the proposed solution. Resources and Actions Required for Decision ImplementationEstablishing a greater presence in Kava is definitely a long-term goal. Immediate recognition from Kava citizens wont happen over night. After selecting the solution and most feasible implementation process, Nik and Alexs team must now look into the actual availability of the resources and the necessary actions take to acquiring them.During the decision-making process, a team was assigned to do the task. This is the same during the implementation process. It could be the same team that handled the decision-making. However, key people should be brought in that have more expertise in the matter. One employment would be sourcing. The decision-making team would have probably

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How children develop their interpersonal skills Essay

How children develop their interpersonal skills - Essay ExampleInfants may call option to communicate their needs to their parents they learn that when they cry they are fed and thus carry on with this routine. Eventually, with the objurgate training and assistance, children will learn that making use of words or expressions to communicate their needs could be their most effective technique (Hersen, 2011). This essay discusses how children develop their interpersonal skills and how digital technologies or electronic devices backside be used to enhance childrens learning experience.Nevertheless, interpersonal skills are not confined with hearty tact like being courteous and well-mannered. Childrens accessible and interpersonal skills develop as they capture communication skills. Numerous parents are anxious that their children are deficient in interpersonal or social skills, but this is a misperception in most instances. The essentials of social behavior originate from the emoti onal area of the brain, which is a vital determinant of morality, compassion, and fellow feeling (Hersen, 2011). Babies usually fret when they hear an opposite baby screaming, for they chicane that someone is disgruntled. Hence several antecedents of interpersonal skills are perhaps wired to the brain, but experiences also reach the ability of children to recognize, understand, and react to others needs (Hersen, 2011).Focusing jointly on something is an early sign of interpersonal skills. Babies who oft draw peoples attention to fascinating objects at nine months are more verisimilar to be classified as socially capable at roughly two years. By their starting year babies want or prefer people who support or give comfort to other people (Mathieson, 2004). Genuine fellow feeling, the capacity to understand and reflect on the feelings of others, is manifested by age five. In this young age, children exhibit remarkable improvements in self-discipline. Children who have great self- discipline also manifest greater fellow feeling and more advanced sense of right and

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CREBP Mutation Schematic Lab Report Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

CREBP edition Schematic - Lab Report ExampleThe kinase pathways, in essence, induce phosphorylation of a single residue SER133 (Salks Institute, Undated) on CREB to activate it. in that location is evidence of four such kinase pathways - cAMP-dependent protein kinase, multiple mitogen-activated protein kinases (MAPKs), ribosome S6 kinase and - and calmodulin-dependent kinases (CAMKs) (Euskirchen, G., et al, 2004). The phosphorylated CREB attracts coactivator CREB stick toing protein (CBP or CREBBP ) which allows the activated phosphorylated CREB to bind to cAMP-responsive element (CRE) sequences on DNA to initiate ingredient expression (Thiel, G., et al, 2005). CBP coactivator work is often copied by its paralog p300, a highly related organisational coactivator protein targeted by the adenoviral oncoprotein E1A (Brody, T.B., 1996). This is still not a very clear process as much has yet to be known about the mechanism by which CBP binds to the phosphorylated CREB and subsequently promotes gene transcription. For gene transcription to take place a polymerase complex must be recruited, it must then be subsequently isomerized and cleared to transcribe the target gene (Kim, J., et al, 2000). There is evidence that the phsophorylated CREB, after binding with CBP, to a fault recruits a RNA(2) polymerase complex to initiate transcription on CRE elements on target genes in various cells and tissues (Kim, J., et al, 2000). There is much that has been cleared in this direction by the research efforts of Kim et al, 2000, yet more has to be make before any definite conclusions can be reached. The paper now focuses on the molecular and genetic identity of CBP so that the next section on possible mutations on the protein can be let on understood. Nevertheless, it is noted here that CREB activity is triggered off by diverse factors such as growth factors, hormones, neurotransmitters, ion fluxes and punctuate signals (Euskirchen, G., et al, 2004), all of which help rec ruit the protein. CBP action is initiated through heterodimerization of basic leucine zipper (bZIP) domains (Euskirchen, G., et al, 2004). Its action via gene transcription is also very diverse and the number of genes it helps express is also 100. Thus, mutations in CREBBP or CREB binding protein turn in numerous implications.The CREB Binding Protein (CBP or CREBBP)CBP is encoded in DNA sequences on human chromosome 16 at 16p13.3 (CREBBP, componentCard, 2006). Gene location is from GC16M003716 to GC16M003870. The sequence starts at 3,716,568 bp from p terminal and ends at 3,870,723 bp from p terminal making up a sequence of size 154,155 bases with a minus strand orientation (CREBBP, GeneCard, 2006). The human CBP is made up of 2442 amino acid sequences and is 265337 Daltons in molecular weight (CREBBP, GeneCard, 2006). A rough domain count of the protein sequences is usable for isoform a. These are as per Table 1 and Diagram 1, Appendix, sourced from Giles et al, 1997, Fig. 3 and 4 respectively. As can be observed from both the table and the diagram, there are 11 distinct domains. This is not exhaustive as there are many regions on the total CREBBP (human) DNA sequence that have not been mapped concord to function

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ERP Story-Part A Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

ERP Story-Part A - Case Study ExampleThe business should consider the cost of implementing the new software installation and profitability of the undertaking. Merging the business has risks accompanied to it. Therefore, proper evaluation of returns and efficient running of activities is so important. The research found out that the problem associated with such step is the increase in the size of the organization, which means difficulty in tracking records and meeting operational costs.Business organizations vary in the operations they look at in order to satisfy human wants. The two main categories are service based, or commodity possessing and production. The finished product or service in these activities provides a platform for either satisfaction or dissatisfaction from customers. If customers are not happy, the organization engages in an evaluation process to determine where the problem sprouts from. This rotter be through assessing current equipment in production or perfor mance evaluation as a whole. The strict measure is then undertaken to retain the loyal customers. If the customers are satisfied, the management initiates ways to maintain the standards. As such, this report will discuss alphabet Company and how it seeks to obtain a market placement through unify of activities and improving technology.The size of a growing business organization instigates the type of technological equipment an organization should correct in order to increase efficiency. Complex company structures will need large data warehousing facilities to enable the business store properly its information. In the case study, the current technological position of ABC cannot ensure good flow of information and communication. The new idea of creating merged type of business can be a solution to problems. Problems such as funds required for the project can be managed through pooling of resources from these different entities.

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GRANT PROPOSAL-COMMUNITY HEALTH nursing - Coursework ExampleThe Childrens Advocacy Center of Collin County started in 1992 and has since handed out more than thirty tercet thousand children.In last 18 years their range of services has raised noticeably. Initially this effect was served only 10% of abused child victims in Collin County, and now they are offering services to snow% of the children recognized as victims of abuse.The mission of the Childrens Advocacy Center of Collin County is to provide safety, healing and justice to children victimized by abuse or neglect. (http//www.caccollincounty.org/History.htm)The primary objective of development of a child is to make them enable in the early years of their lives to get genuinely involved and self-directive in their learning process. This needs firstly a constructive image as person, as there is a circular process of interface betwixt a childs learning and his personality development. Every childs development is judged by thei r intellectual function, their inventiveness, their self-importance strength, their relatedness to their peers and adults, and capacity to deal with new events that come across their like each day in their well-disposed life.Most mothers aspire to provide a nurturing environment for their children. Depressed mothers generally want the best for their children, only when their illness prevents them from achieving this goal. Depressed mothers have a much different opinion of themselves as mothers and of their childrens behaviour. They may fool themselves as inadequate and think that they have little control over their childs development and they may recognise many aspects of their childs normal behaviour in a negative light. (Gurian, 2003)When a family is confronted with maternal depression, the role of the tyro becomes more important to the childs development. The child will develop lower intellectual and emotional competence if the draw also suffers from depression. However, i f the father is not depressed, he could acquire on the caring role that the mother

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Phase 4 - Understanding business drivers and improving business Essay - 1

Phase 4 - Understanding line of merchandise drivers and improving business forecasts. 5-14 - Essay ExampleSubsidy can be used for consumption on all commercially available telecommunication services, internet access and internal communications. The number of school lunch eligible students determines the accompaniment for many federal and state education related programs. Moreover, subsidy rate also changes as per the changes in number. cyberspace access rate of rich and poor schools indicate a closing of the digital catchment basin that occurred in the following years. The lack of impact on student performance is consistent with the Department of Education, it is describe that they are providing good training within the classroom.The emergence of internet subsidy by the US organisation by providing major subsidies for internet and communication investment in schools also helps this. Based on the characteristics of the schools, the spending pattern of the subsidized program may change. Great sensitivity shows up by urban schools relatively with rural. E-Rate, created in 1996 by Congress, offers subsidies of 20 percent to 90 percent for buying telecommunications services like Internet connection fees and wiring classrooms. Under the program, paid from fees on telephone bills, the highest rates go to the poorest schools. (Schwartz, John. 2003). Internet can Marketing is facing increased competition from within the industry. It is allowed to provide unique products and solutions customized to the client needs. In E-Marketing design, consumers father changed the traditional marketing methods that are no longer effective. By developing and implementing a strategy that incorporates position marketing, online branding, customer development and retention, marketing positioning and branding, permission marketing and customer relation management. So the third aforesaid categories are correlated and to make assumptions on these. A correlation between two variab les is diluted in the presence of measurement error

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Companies in the Financial Industry Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 9500 words

Companies in the Financial Industry - Essay ExampleOther companies and their strategies will also be examined in an attempt to discover if they will reach the pinnacle, for which they are aimed, or if they will fail in their efforts to knock the king off his mountain.In order to reach the top in the fiscal services industry, and, an even more delicate task to stay there, a certain amount of status can be a good thing, and some experts may even say it is more than apparent a necessary thing. Some of the companies discussed herein have that attitude and some of them dont.Initially, the focus of this musical theme was to be on a number of the oldest and most well known New York Stock permute firms such as Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith, Kidder Peabody, JP Morgan, Chase Manhattan and Prudential. It soon became clear that such material, both printed and electronic, that was available concerning such firms was sort of limited and focused on banal items such as financials and p rofit/loss statements. Finding critical papers or journal reports written about the history of such firms was nearly as difficult as was discovering books (both fiction and non-fiction) about the same subject. A grand total of five books covering contend Street history were discovered in the local library system, with only one book on site. A detailed search at the local universitys library was not nearly as productive as had been hoped either.Not only was there a limited supply of books covering beleaguer Streets history, there was even less in the way of books written about ad hoc firms. Books such as Charles R. Geissts environ Street A History and 100 Years of Wall Street provided a detailed and rich history of Wall Street, but not a deficit of specific details concerning companies themselves.

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The Role of Non-Executive Directors for the Best Work of Corporation Essay

The Role of Non-Executive Directors for the Best Work of Corporation - Essay ExampleThis paper illustrates that collective governance is mainly concentrated on the problem of a safety mechanism which ensures the interests of sh arholders and the interests of the directors managing the company are aligned and observed. In fact, it deals with the ways in which suppliers of finance to the corporations assure themselves of getting a return on their investment. The governance problem arises when managers or directors interests of maximizing their own wealth, power and prestige and shareholders interests of increasing the value shareholders uprightness collide. This misalignment of interests was addressed by the agency theory developed in the West. The theory assumes that interests of managers and principles or owners are non aligned because of the separation of ownership and control and the only mechanism to safeguard shareholders interests is to utilise appropriate governance structu res. The agency problem in the United States and the United Kingdom is between the counsel/board and outside diverse shareholders while in continental Europe and Japan and East Asiatic markets with their concentrated ownership structure the main conflict is between the major owners/directors and minority shareholders. Corporate scandals such(prenominal) as notorious Enron, Tyco, WorldCom, Polly Peck, HIH Insurance, and OneTel suggested the need for changes in corporate governance regulations all over the world. As rely towards company insiders as well as to auditors, analysts or regulators was shattered, governments started to think over regulations which would prevent such raw practices. As the board of directors represents the interests of shareholders and controlssupervises the management, its effective functioning is a strong corporate governance mechanism.

Music Industry in US Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Music Industry in US - Essay Example medical specialty market.Accessing the U.S. diffusion channels is incredibly intemperate. These channels involve quatern elements the process of promotion (to break into the market), the system of licensing and distributing, the role of retailers, and the restructuring of the United States markets priorities which is currently passing play on. The production, innovation, sales, and distribution of music involves a complicated network. This network is controlled by large global firms, known as the major(ip)s that apply complete control everywhere the sourcing, creating, industrializing, distributing, and retailing of music. There is also a very big radical of independent music companies that work in the same way as the majors which keeps the difficulty of accessing the U.S. distribution channels very tough and valuable. The U.S. has been the leader in music industry innovation and has a grand effect on the other music markets throughout th e world. Along with world domination, from the U.S. comes some of the biggest names, innovations, and record labels in the business.However, the farming is the least internally-oriented market partly because of the media. ... In order to create a buzz, or the initial testing process, much money is spent on independent record companies to promote the campaign, enclothe up performances, and pay for the airplay as being played on the radio many times over is the key to success for breaking in. It has been suggested that $500,000.00 is required to test a record.Labels and distribution is also very difficult as there be three main categories in which these can be handled by going through a major record company that has its own distribution network, independents that distribute under a major company, and independents that uses other independents to get the items distributed. 85% of the music that gets to retailers is distributed by the major record companies. Independents use major com panies because of the high costs in building and maintaining nationwide warehouses and distribution centers. Bigger companies can handle the heavy and bridging costs as well as slow payments. U.S. laws also require that imports pay mechanical royalties although the country of origin has already charged these. This means that royalties have to be paid twice. It simply is too expensive doing business any other way in the U.S.The distribution of products to retailers is controlled by distributors and these distributors are the key to promotion. These major distributors have teams of people who have developed strong relationships with the top buyers such as Wal-Mart. Product antecedence lists are created by the major distributors as fees are paid to them. The higher ups of the major distribution companies, who are considered to be all powerful, prefer this monopoly type of doing business.New music must go through

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FINANCIAL REPORTING Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

FINANCIAL REPORTING - assignment ExampleThe paper presents the financial evaluation of the company and for this particular designing, the most effective tool of proportion analysis has been utilized. The financial ratios are usually divided into various sub categories such as profitability, cogwheel and liquidity, each put emphasis on a different area of the financial outlook of the organization. These analyses phase angle an integral part of the financial statement analysis, especially from the investors point of view, which are always feel for avenues to invest in countries having strengthened and stabilized financial ratios and representing an upward trend. In addition to the financial evaluation, for the purpose of risk assessment, several risks has been identified and assessed such as firm related risks, currency risks, capital twist risks and market risks. The Kerry Group PLC actively follows the corporate governing body directives issued by the government for the corpor ation registered in the Ireland. organism a premium company listed on the stock exchange, the company is required to follow the directives of the corporate governance requirements. ... Market and Industry Risk and competitor analysis The company operates in a highly warlike market where its competitors are continuously devising methods through which their profitability and market share can be increased. The company is exposed to a risk where its competitors can introduce a major change in their production process through introducing a state of the art technology. This can not only produce the efficiency of their production, but it can significantly provide them with the cost leadership as well. In rules of order to analyze market matched forces, door guard gave a five forces model which analyzes the competitive forces acting in the market which a corporation has to manage in order for it to obtain competitive advantage. 3.2 Porter louvre Forces Model Analysis Porters five force s model is an effective tool in exploring the competitive forces of the environment in which the organization operates. It allows the business to critically analyze its current business strategy and form one which can allow it to achieve a competitive position in the market. With the advancement in Information Technology, it has been prominently observed that the businesses are now focusing more and more on implementing schooling system in order to make the best use of their resources. In the mentioned case, KERRY GROUP PLC has several operating(a) units carrying out activities related to the manufacturing and delivering of food merchandise. By integrating these units using information system, KERRY GROUP PLC can take a shit competitive advantage in the market which can by analyzed in the light of Porters five forces model. The first competitive force according to the model is the entry of new competitors

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Music Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 22

Music - render ExampleArguably, no word can exactly explain the performance that was in waiting. The performers as wholesome were of middle age which added more(prenominal) ecstasy and cheer in the environment.The first exhibit by the child Street was string quartet No. 6 be by Felix Mendelssohn in the F minor. The initial combination of the instruments used depicted masterly, technical ability and prowess to crack medicamental chords and laying curls with music notes. In terms of rhythm, the different instruments combined in a regular lilting pattern art object the beat was steadily and evenly maintained. The slow movement in the Allegro Vivace assai in the magic spell successfully outlined music conjunct as a major element vivid in the piece. Harmony was also evident which particularly came out clearly in the sad section of the writing.The aid exhibit by the Fry Street quartet was the string quartet No. 5 composed in a minor by Danish Ludwig Beethoven. The major inclusio n in the piece involves the particular(a) performance of Molto Adagio (Schweitzer n.p). It was a chance to present some self-conscious display of more refined moments. The movements were quite intriguing triggering the curiosity and much attention of the majority of the audience. The notes were combined alternatively climb high at the beginning while reducing significantly as the lines ended. In addition, a fuddled beat was maintained throughout and conjunct was highly outlined.The two performance sets were similar in several(a) ways particularly in rhythmic and harmonic application. The performance was successful in delivering the various music elements like music conjunct, harmony and themes congruence. It is vivid that a steady beat and a regular rhythmic pattern was maintained in twain pieces and notes exquisitely placed. In addition, constant harmonies and discords were applied in both pieces. However,

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Cognarive and behavioral therapy for physically abused kids in low Coursework

Cognarive and behavioural therapy for physically ab utilised kids in low income areas - Coursework ExampleQuestion 2 Did you find any outcomes that opposed your expectations or the expectations of the researchers? How might this study change your thinking about your proposed intervention? If not, what did you find that was surprising and or challenged your assumptions?No outcomes opposed my expectations or the expectations of researchers although it was surprising to find that although there is a relatively high number of clinicians skilled in the use of TF-CBT in the United States, a comparatively low number is putting the components into play despite preliminary studies showing that TF-CBT components were evidently productive. The level of success in Community-based participatory examination ideologies applied in Zambia was withal unexpected but positively welcomed.Question 3 Did you include qualitative research in your recapitulation? If so, was there a crystalize statement o f the aims of the research and did it seek to illuminate subjective experiences/actions of participants? Was the research chassis appropriate to address those aims (Questions adapted from Canadian National Collaborating Centre for Methods and Tools NCCMT 2010)?I also included a qualitative review, an incidence I found particularly sufficient in addressing the aims of the research. Drawing on the findings, it is clear that the research seeks to shed a light on the subjective experiences the participants incurred. More so, this research design would respond in addressing the aims of the overall research.Cary, C. E., & McMillen, J. C. (2012). The data behind the dissemination A systematic review of trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy for use with children and youth.Children and Youth Services Review,34(4), 748-757.Mannarino, A. P., Cohen, J. A., & Deblinger, E. (2014). Trauma-Focused Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy. InEvidence-Based Approaches for the Treatment of Maltreated Chi ldren(pp. 165-185). Springer Netherlands.Murray, L. K.,

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Should Rich Countries Help the Poor Countries Essay - 1

Should Rich Countries Help the unretentive Countries - Essay ExampleThe roots of terrorism can expand to the naughty countries which whitethorn affect them. thereof for the betterment of these rich countries only it is necessary that they help the pathetic ones. third if these rich countries help the poor countries they would be able to have good terms with them and this can help them in increasing their consumer base. It is seen that the state of these third world countries constitutes a large part of the population of this world. whence if a rich soil helps these poor countries they can be assured that their products are being used by the consumers of these poor countries. Hence the economy of the rich countries can also be improved because of this very reason.The opponents of this view on the new(prenominal) hand present with opposing points. The opponents propose that rich countries should not help the poor countries because of the fact that these countries may become pu nishinger and may pose a threat to them in the future. The poor countries may become strong enough to build a military base which can be then used for leering purposes. In other words, it can pose a threat to the whole world. Secondly, they also propose that the silver sent to the poor countries can rather be used by the rich countries for their own betterment. The rich countries should rather use this money for their own people. This would help these people to benefit in terms of finance. In other words, people suffering in these rich countries should be the first priority of these rich countries. Thirdly it is noticed that even if the poor countries are helped by rich ones the money is not utilized in the right place.

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Child abuse Essay Example for Free

Child laugh at EssayChild tread is wholeness of the biggest injustices of all date because it is a never ending cycle. Child abuse is the physical, sexual, or emotional mistreatment or neglect of a child. Children are young, innocent, and fragile. Their minds are like sponges, absorbing everything they see and feel. Thus, leading the children to being the advocate of child abuse when their older. Abused and neglected children are 11 times more likely to eng mount in nefarious behavior as an adult. Therefore, child abuse leads the victims to not have the opportunity to a bright future. indifference is the about common form of child abuse. Over 75% of children who experience maltreatment or abuse suffer from neglect. For every incident of neglect thats report, an estimated two incidents go unreported. Approximately one in ecstasy young adults (9%) was cruelly neglected by parents or guardians during their childhood. Based on the interviews with 1,761 young adults between t he ages of 18 to 24, one in 6 (16%) young adults were neglected at some point during their childhood, with one in 10 young adults (9%) severely neglected during their childhood. Based on the interviews with 2,275 children between the ages of 11 to 17, one in 7 (13.3%) secondary school children have been neglected at some point, with one in 10 children (9.8%) severely neglected. Based on the interviews with 2,160 parents or guardians of children under(a) 11 years old, one in 20 (5%) of children under 11 have been neglected at least in one case before, with one in 30 (3.7%) severely neglected. On March 31, 2012 (or in Scotland on July 2012), there were 21,666 children in the United Kingdom on the payoff of child safeguard objects under the crime syndicate of neglect.On March 31, 2012 (or in Scotland on July 31, 2012), 43% of all children on the subject of child protection plans in the United Kingdom were under the category of neglect. There were 18, 220 children were the subject of a child protection plan under the category of neglect in England on March 31, 2012. In England, 43% of all children subject of a child protection plan were under the category of neglect on March 31, 2012. There were 1,006 children on the child protection study under the category of neglect in Scotland on July 31, 2012. In Scotland, 37% of all children on the child protection register under the category of neglect on July 31, 2012. There were 1,040 children on the child protection register under the category of neglect in northerly Ireland on March 31,2012. In Northern Ireland, 49% of all children on the child protection register were under the category of neglect on March 31, 2012. There were 1,400 children on the child protection register under the category of neglect in Wales on March 31, 2012. In Wales, 48% of all children on the child protection register were under the category of neglect in March 31, 2012.In England, about one in seven children who became the subject of a p lan for neglect in 2011-2012 had been subject to a plan at least once before. There were 6.2 million children referred to Child Protective Services in 2011. About 3.7 million children were investigated for maltreatment by CPS in 2011. There were 676,569 children decided to be victims of abuse or neglect in 2011. The most common victims of abuse and neglect are children age 2 and under. More than 11% of victims had a reported disability. In the U.S., there are about 1,570 child victims per year caused by maltreatment and an average of 30 child fatality victims per week. Most child fatalities were under 4 years old (81.6%) with 42.4% less than one year old. In the U.S., 37% of states limit information on child deaths and accidents. In the U.S., the yearly estimated consider cost of medical dispense of child abuse and neglect is $33,333,619,510. In the U.S., the yearly estimated direct and confirming cost of child abuse and neglect is $80,260,411,087.The percentage of states that do not obligate legal commission for victims in abuse and neglect is 39%. There are about 408,425 children in the foster care system. About 27,854 of those children aged out of foster care. The percentage of the general nation that has a bachelors degree is 30%. The percentage of former foster children that have a bachelors degree is 3%. The percentage of the general people in jail or prison is greater than 1%. The percentage of former foster children incarcerated since age 17 that are males is 64%.The percentage of former foster children incarcerated that are females is 32.5%. The percentage of the general population who experience homelessness during a year is greater than 1%. The percentage of former foster children who experience homelessness later aging out of the system is 24%. The percentage of former foster children who are unemployed people for 1 year after aging out is 61%. The percentage of former foster children who are unemployed for 5 years after aging out is 53.5%. Ronald T. is a victim of physical abuse, emotional maltreatment, and neglect.

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Retirement Age Policy Essay Example for Free

Retirement Age Policy endeavorThe issue whether government should set a limit on the seclusion age remains controversial. nearly people believe that there would be infeasible for different people who have different require while others claim regardless of distinctions in peoples priorities, this policy guarantees fairness for all. I take hold with the former view. It is undeniable that the nature of work has a big say over peoples length of working time.While some(a) builders, cleaners find that they can altogether work manger the age of forty for their assiduous and tedious project, politicians who gain experience through time can only reach their zenith in their sixties or seventies, as in the case of Hilary Clinton or Geogre. W. Bush. As for writers whose intake springs up at any time of their life, whether young or old, the limitation on their age retirement would stifle their creativity and render them less discouraged to pursue this career. Another reason for the absolute impossible action in the implementation of this policy is the variance in peoples priorities.Unlike women who may be concerned with their families rather than their own jobs and cut-short their career by staying at home and taking care of their families, some scientists are able to dedicate their entire life to the cause of giving birth to revolutionary ideas and would find oneself unfair if they are supposed to say goodbye to their unfinished dreams. Equally important, the current state of wellness and economic scenario of the whole nation should be taken into consideration when it comes to the decision of setting age retirement.In case of people handicapped, it would be far-fetching for them to prolong their career till the required age, as opposed to others who beat with cancer and are reluctant to terminate their desired career. Regarding the picture of workforce of each nation, say, Vietnam where young labor is redundant, this policy is workable. However, Japan is l ikely to lengthen age retirement when faced with the overwhelming domination of senescent population and a serious dearth of young labor.

Consumer Decision Making Process for Purchasing Property in Spain Essay Example for Free

Consumer Decision Making Process for Purchasing place in Spain EssayThis study has investigated the decision answer of consumers acquire property in Spain. The report center on the underlying reasons for purchasing a property in Spain, the methods used by the purchaser to gather information and the general satisfaction with the purchase process. The intention of the report was to link current theories on consumer purchasing behaviour to the purchase of property abroad.The methodology used was deductive research using a field of study approach. The questionnaire was analysed by a means of Chi square and variable comparisons. The results were collected using a postal and an email questionnaire.The investigation revealed a clear link between the level of satisfaction of the purchase process and the level of information and advice sought.The report concluded that the majority of respondents from the questionnaire purchased their property abroad as a vacation home and purchase d from an estate agent.The gathering of information and the seeking of advice was prevalent among most respondents this was reflected in satisfaction levels and the overall purchase experience.The majority of consumers were overall, satisfied with their purchase. However, if given the opportunity to repeat the purchase, most stated they would change something about the process they followed. Many stated they would not use a Spanish agent again out-of-pocket to experiencing communication problems. This area gives scope for future research in order to establish why communication weaknesses are present in the supply of Spanish properties to British citizens.

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Riordan Manufacturing Security Essay Example for Free

Riordan Manufacturing protective cover screenTeam C was hired by Riordan Manufacturing management to overhaul the warranter features currently employed by the company. Management outlined a comprehensive plan that included a complete hardw are refresh, security best practices and end user training. Team C will devote resources to assess the physical and communicate security issues and concerns at each Riordan plant. Once those devote been identified, Team C will identify the entropy security issues and concerns present at each Riordan plant. Finally, Team C will divvy up web security issues and concerns present at each Riordan plant and suggest a way forward for the company. Riordan Manufacturing Background Riordan Manufacturing is a global moldables manufacturer employing 550 people with projected annual earnings of $46 million. The company is wholly own by Riordan Industries, a Fortune 1000 enterprise with revenues in excess of $1 billion. Its products include plastic beverage containers produced at its plant in Albany, Georgia, custom plastic parts produced at its plant in Pontiac, Michigan, and plastic fan parts produced at its facilities in Hangzhou, China. The companys research and development is done at the corporal headquarters in San Jose.Riordans major customers are automotive parts manufacturers, aircraft manufacturers, the Department of Defense, beverage makers and bottlers, and appliance manufacturers (Riordan Manufacturing, 2013). each site manages their network that communicates directly with the incorporated office in San Jose. The three outlying sites do not communicate with each other without going directly through the corporate office. This is the biggest change Team C will propose. Communications amid the four networks should be real time and should be linked.Physical Security ConcernsThe initial recapitulation of the physical security of the Riordan Manufacturing internet identified some major concerns * Single top dog o f failure The three outlining networks run through the corporate office in order to share learning. If the corporate office is down, then the information from the other three offices cannot be shared. * Lack of Redundancy The networks currently whole have one path out. For instance, if the gateway/switch at the Hangzhou, China plant goes down, the various departments ladder off that switch will be isolated from the rest of the network.Communication Barrier Communication between the three US bases sites with the Hangzhou site could pose some challenges. Ensure the physical security policies employed in the United States are also allowed in China. * Facility Security There was not much summons of the physical security aspects that are employed at each site. Recommend doing a comprehensive review of the physical security of each complex and recommend security features to each distinct location. Highly recommend the corporate office shift to a common access card (CAC) entry to t he facility. Backups Did not estimate a backup plan. Ensure backups are conducted daily and the off-site copies are maintained. Network Security Concerns The Network security aspects of our review are aligned with most of what was identified with the physical concerns.There are to boot items that identified that need to be addressed * Language. The three US site networks will have to be able to receive data through the Chinese network (Compatibility issue). Ensure that the US based networks are able to receive and process Chinese code/language. Security Policy Ensure that the strict policies enforced on the three US based networks will be compliant in China. The Chinese organisation has strict restrictions on information access. Need to ensure Chinese security policies are followed and that company information is not compromised.* Single point of failure As addressed in the physical security, the networks as constructed have various single points of failure. If a switch or rou ter goes down, the whole network is isolated from conducting business. Different run Environments Most of the company is running on Windows 7 environment, however, MAC PROs are be used at the corporate office and this could lead to some compatibility issues between Windows and MAC environments. * Obsolete equipment galore(postnominal) of the sites are using old network equipment. Recommend investing in new switches and routers to enhance the bear on and network speed. Conclusion Team C has identified numerous areas of concern with the Riordan networks. Those items will be address individually at each location and be submitted in a comprehensive review.

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Introduction to Prokaryotes Essay Example for Free

Introduction to Prokaryotes EssayProkaryotes be single-celled organisms that post survive in extreme milieus. bacterium is the more numerous type of prokaryotes. The group hypothesizes that the samples taken from different environments will all cultivate assorted morphology in fast poseing grade in individually environment. The aseptic technique was employ to cultivate bacteria from different environments. The variety show of morphology and the recrudesceing rate of the bacteria was different in each environment. Introduction Prokaryotes atomic number 18 the oldest known life-forms, having existed for the last 3. 5 billion years. Microscopic in size, they atomic number 18 single-celled organisms.Prokaryotic species nooky survive in extreme habitats that the other life-forms are not surefooted of inhabiting. Prokaryotes have different shapes, the three most common shapes are spherical (cocci), rod shaped (bacilli), and whirl (spirilla). The prokaryotic cellular s tructures are unique to their classification. Prokaryotes have an external cell wall and a plasma membrane. The cell wall keeps the shape of the cell, protects the cell, and averts the cells from bursting in a hyposmotic environment. Prokaryotic cells contain a unique visible called peptidoglycan (Sadava et al. , 2011).See more how to write an introductionAlso metabolic diversity is among the criteria used in classifying prokaryotes. The stipulation nutrition refers to the means an organism uses to obtain two energy sources energy and a ascorbic acid source. carbon paper sources may be either organic, meaning from a living organism, or inorganic, such as carbon dioxide. Prokaryotes split into two lineages known as Archae and Bacteria. The Bacteria are more numerous than the Archae. Bacteria can be endospore-forming bacteria. Bacteria that form endospores are able to survive harsh and severe conditions. Bacteria can also be Enteric Bacteria, they inhabit the intestinal tracts of animals.One species is Escheria coli. Wild-type Escheria strains are able to grow on a variety of carbon and energy sources, such as sugars and amino acids. Some strains of Escheria are pathogenic. The spotting of Escheria coli in piss is a sign of contamination. Another group of pathogenic enteric bacteria are members of the genus Salmonella. These members are responsible for food poisoning and typhoid. Prokaryotes play very all important(p) roles in our environment. They are knotted in the cycling of nutrients and elements in a variety of ways. Many prokaryotes are decomposers that metabolize organic compounds in dead organisms.These decompositions processes result in the return of vast quantities of carbon dioxide, inorganic nitrogen, and sulfur to our ecosystems. Other species are important as symbiotic partners with other organisms (Walsh et. al. , 2010). The diversity of the prokaryotic world is huge, and to have a burst sense of knowledge of bacteria diversity in differ ent environments an sample to observe bacteria appendage diversity in colder temperature is conducted. The group hypothesizes that the samples taken from different environments will all cultivate diverse morphology in fast growing rates in each environment.The independent variable in the experiment is the temperature supremacy and the dependent variable is the number of colonies. Materials and Methods Seven different environments were chosen to create bacteria from and courtly on a nutrient-rich media in eight Petri dishes. The bacteria are cultivated on TSA fair, an all-purpose medium used for cultivating all types of bacteria. Sterile piddle system and sterile swabs are used to sample the bacteria from the environment. To organise sure that the bacteria was loosened from the environment and stuck on to the swab, the swab was dipped in the sterile water immediately before taking the sample.Carefully opened the Petri dish and swiped the swab across the plate in a Z pattern. C losed the Petri dish and marked it with its corresponding environment. This was repeated seven times each with a different environment. The first environment was the frame of the classroom chalkboard. The second environment was the chair stinker of the classroom. The third environment was the get through of the shoe of one of our group members. The fourth environment was the floor plane inside the doorway of the Biology building.The fifth nvironment was the footstep railing handle from the stairwell of the Biology building. The sixth environment was the spacebar on the keyboard of the laboratory computer. The seventh environment was the mouthpiece of the water fountain in the Biology building. To alter us to check whether or not our aseptic technique was effective the eight Petri dish was our control plate that was struck with the sterile water only. These streaks with sterile water represent control treatments. The bacteria was incubated at 37C for 2-3 days and then put into t he refrigerator for storage.Results Two of the Petri dishes had small bacteria diversity and also a slow exploitation rate- the chair seat of laboratory environment sample and the water fountain mouthpiece sample (Table 1). Three of the Petri dishes had medium bacteria diversity and regular growth- the frame of the chalkboard, the stair railing handle from the stairwell, and the spacebar of the keyboard (Table 1). The other two Petri dishes had medium bacteria diversity and fast growth rate- the bottom of the shoe and the floor mat inside the doorway of the Biology building (Table 1).The Petri dish with the sterile water streaks had no bacteria growth or diversity indicating our aseptic technique was effective. Discussion The results that were obtained in the experiment did not support the hypothesis that there would be large diversity and fast growing rates in each environment. Every environment sample had its own growth rate and bacteria diversity. The main(a) reason may be that conditions are rarely optimal. Scientists who study bacteria try to create the optimum environment in the lab culture medium with the necessary energy source, nutrients, pH, and temperature, in which bacteria grow predictably.Most of the strains used in the classroom either require oxygen for growth or grow better with oxygen. These bacteria will grow better on agar plates, where air readily diffuses into the bacterial colony, or in liquid cultures that are shaken. Since diffusion of oxygen into liquid depends on the surface area, it is important to have a large surface volume ratio. This means that cultures will grow best in flasks in which the volume of liquid is small relative to the size of the vessel. Also another factor that affects growth is the nutritional medium. Bacteria grow best when optimal amounts of nutrients are provided.

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Play and Game Essay Example for Free

Play and Game EssayThe title of this article kind of fetchs it seem equivalent Im about to encourage you to cheat, but thats not what Im here to do. Im here to tell you what you apprize do when it comes to poker that each(prenominal)ows you to get ahead of the bouncy. trance some of these tips office not be necessarily applicable to online poker, for poker where you argon sitting nigh a table, these tips can tip the scales into your estimation. Know the People If you find yourself at a table someplace where you arrogatet know the other players, take a little time to know the tendencies of from each one player.One susceptibility only bet big if he has a good flock, one might be real hesitant no matter what card he has and the other might bust his hair when he is lying. Every single person at that table has a tell for when they control something good or for when they are bluffing, especially in poker, when you are all trying to beat each other. Take some time, ge t to know the people at the table and even get them talking. It could make up a way in which you can win more money, just from being able to take on the other players. Be conscious of your own tells If you have the befall, play a friendly game of Poker and have a friend watch you as you play.Have them after the game tell them what you are doing in the way of body movement depending on the hand you are on. Its extremely master(prenominal) to know what you do, and be able to stop it. Especially if you know you touch your face when you might be able to use this to your advantage in ways I dont even require to explain. While these two tips dont work online, they can change the balance in your favor during an offline game of poker. Just Give Up If it is not your night, if you have been fighting with your significant other, just dont play.Whether offline or online you might olfactory property the urge to do so, but try to resist. While it might act as your stress reliever your mind will not focus on the game and in a game where your money is on the line, this is a serious issue. From here you have to make sure to change any habit that you think is costing you money, whether that is staying up until 3 in the morning time to play and feeling fatigued while playing or not drinking enough water. If you feel you arent in peak Physical condition, dont bother playing. Itll end up being a waste of time and money. Know the Rules Know the Hands.In Poker, the best hand is a four-spot of a kind and an ace combination. That is the best possible hand (figuratively) but the probability of getting it is very low. Know this when you go into a game and you will see your play improve dramatically. Know what you can have and what your opponents can have. Use probability and their reactions to make sure that if you are going into a hand that you can win, but going into a hand that is a calculated risk and has a chance of winning is better than hoping for the best. Just watch yo ur play and keep everything in mind.Poker is as frequently a game of outwitting your opponent as staying mentally sharp yourself. You have to know what to do and when to do it. You have to make sure you are watching your own play as well as others. You have to know when to holdem and when to foldem Author Bio Jeremy Henderson is an expert in all forms of poker and this is possibly because he is so passionate about the game. His expertise has helped him win at a number of tournaments and in turn he has made a comfortable living playing the game. He is also a voracious reader and an avid writer.

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Reducing Prejudice and Stereotypes Essay Example for Free

Reducing Prejudice and Stereotypes EssayPrejudice is an opinion or judgement without due interrogative sentence toward oneness side of a question from other considerations than those pass awaying to. Or we can say that outrage is a bias on the part of judge, juror or witness which interferes with fairness of judgement. Prejudice involves interdict feelings when they be in the presence of or even think about members of the conference. Prejudice a great deal involves stereotypes, suggesting that exclusively members of a stem be extradite in certain ways and have certain characteristics. Therefore, prejudice has both(prenominal) cognitive and affective fortunes. Affective component is the positive or negative attitude/ feeling. Beside the cognitive component contains stereotypes.Prejudice will be dealt as a single set of dynamics that function to degrade flock who be identifiably polar in roughly way from the people whose perceptions are confine by the dysfunctio n we called prejudice. This approach is organisen for two reasons. First, it is easily defensible through the uderstanding of the dynamics of prejudices and flake the continued separation and classification of prejudices according to the superficial categories of those who are prejudiced is a disservice to those who are the targets of discrimination and a distortion of reality.Much of prejudice stems from our pre-judging other peoples habits, customs, ways of public speaking and value. We a good deal do this with no basic for the judgement other that the fact that they (the customs, values, ways of speaking, etc) are different form our own. When we are confines to a single gardening, its incredibly difficult to see that ones way is not the only way, that ones truth is not the only likely way in which things are done. To travel around the world and seeing the variousity of culture may choke the nicest thing to do for reducing prejudice. There is no better way to be convinced of this than to go to some other country where millions people are doing something different from you. Another way to concentrate prejudice is to read a friend with many background culture. From that, we can collar that we are all different and we have to accept that differences. By accepting and learning that differences, the number of prejudicing people will be decrease.Prejudice reduction refers to a collectionof techniques designed to break down these destructive stereotypes. Most often prejudice reduction programs take place on a small scale for example in workshops which bring together people from different groups to help them develop a better mutual understanding. At times, efforts are made to quail prejudice among the general population. This can be done with wide spread media efforts and public education programs often implemented during the grade school years. In both small scale and large scale efforts, a first step which is critical to the success of these program s is an ability to repress the many communications problems cited elsewhere in this training program. This is because a great deal of prejudice arises from simple misunderstandings and the tendency to make worse cutting assumptions in the absence of reliable information. At the workshop level, facilitators can help people explore their stereotypes, and learn to communicate with each other in a more(prenominal) open, trusting, and receptive way. At the community or societal level, misunderstandings can be addressed through carefully crafted public media campaigns and/or education programs designed to counter common stereotypes and present all groups in their best possible light. Still, correcting poor communication may is not usually enough to overcome prejudice.Better communication may simply prove that the parties do, in fact, hold each other in mutual contempt, or that they are, indeed, trying to undermine each others interests. practically such hostility is the result of esca lation processes which transform relatively minor provocations into intense confrontations. For this reason strategies for limiting escalation are also an essential component of effective prejudice reduction. This also can be attempted in workshop settings or at the larger, community level. On the other hand, we will talk about stereotypes. Stereotypes are generalizations or assumptions that people make about the characteristics of all members of a grup based on image that often wrong about what people in that group are like. Most stereotypes probably tend to convey a negative impression. By stereotyping we infer that a person has a whole range characteristics and abilities that we happen upon all members of that group have. Researches have found that stereotypes exist of different races, cultures or ethnic groups. Although the terms race, culture and ethnic groups have different meanings, we shall take them to mean roughly the same thing at the moment.not surprisingly, racial ster eotypes always seem to favor the race of the holder and belittle other races. It is probably lawful saying that every ethnic group has racial stereotypes of other groups which can be seen to benefit each group because it helps in the long run to identify with ones own ethnic group and so find protection and promote safety and success of the group. A brief description of stereotyping includes grouping people together based on their race, ethnicity, religion, languange, customs, appearance, gender or culture denying people rights because of the group belong to believing that ones own group is superior beside other groups are inferior.And the ways to reduce stereotyping includes promoting first hand knowledge through personal experiences putting one self in anothers shoes and considering multiple perspectives working toward a meaningful goal with others when all share constitute status. It will naturally be difficult to change stereotypes and prejudice, because such change will need to overcome all of the cognitive processes such as biased information search, interpretation and memory behavioral confirmation, as well as mixer processes, such as pressures to conform to the beliefs of others, all of which work to maintain stereotypes intact. Nevertheless, amicable psychologists have developed numoerous theories about when and why stereotypes will or wont change and some interventions have been effective at changing stereotypes.In general, there are three types of change in beliefs that can help reduce negative intergroup encounters. Perhaps the most obvious change involves creating more positve perceptions of the group as a whole. When we reduce an individuals level of prejudice or change his or her stereotypes to be more positive. But change does not always have to involve becoming more positive about the group. If we change the perceptions of the variability of a group such that the individual no endless believes that all of the group members are the same, we have also reduce stereotyping, even if the beliefs have not experience more positve overall. Finally, we will have been succesful if we have been able to reduce the tendency for an individual to use social categories when judging others, with the result that they are more likely individuate others instead.

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Indinisation of jane austen Essay Example for Free

Indinisation of jane austen EssayIn Gurinder Chadhas hands, Balraj (Bingley, Naveen Andrews) arrives in Amritsar from Los Angeles with the Ameri canful hotelier Darcy (Mike Henderson). Balraj likes Maya (Jane, Meghna Kothari), and there is tension, or in Amritsari, tashn amongst Darcy and Lalita (Elizabeth, Aishwarya Rai). But Balraj and Darcy return to LA and it is only later the Bakshi sisters visit London and LA on the invitation of Kohli (Collins, Nitin Ganatra) that some sort of crisis develops by means of a punch-up between Darcy and Wickham (Daniel Gillies) in a cinema hall and successive slaps for Wickham from two Miss Bakshis. The plot does not get under ones skin a film any more than it does a romance. The quality of the novel is in the texture of the interaction among characters and their ideas. Now be sincere, Elizabeth says to Darcy in the end. Did you admire me for my impertinence? For the liveliness of your judging, I did, Darcy replies. It is largely Auste ns creation of that mind that gives Pride and Prejudice its character, and makes of it such(prenominal) a celebrated novel. The film script is some other story. In snobbishness as directed by Chadha, Darcy wants to know if its safe to eat a pakora because he doesnt want Delhi stomach on his first day in India.He says rude things about arranged marriages. Lalita defends it as a global dating service, and so no different from western ship canal. Darcy says people pay $500 a day for one of his hotel rooms. Thats more than what a lot of Indians earn in a year, Lalita replies by way of lively repartee. Nothing wrong in having standards, he says. So long as you dont impose them on others, replies she. Later, Darcy gallantly gives his first-class seat to Mrs Bakshi to seat himself next to Lalita in economy class when they all fleet to meet at Heathrow en route to LA.How can anyone sleep in economy class, Darcy wants to know. Lively Lalita says she depart sleep 10 hours in a 10-hour, 5 3-minute flight. A film that grandly declares itself inspired by Austens novel deserved something cleanse than this for screenplay. After taking on an interesting idea, Chadha deserved to give herself a better scriptwriter than herself. Some of the better lines come straight from the novel pity that Austen could provide no NRI material for Chadha to lift. What should attain been the strength of a film like this emerges as its weakest link.Austen aside, its hard to see what this kind of script can do for anyone other than feeding a British audience yet more cliches of their idea of ways Indian. This is the flip side of Indianising icons every such feed adds to a reduction. Within this adventure, Indianness is reduced, and by the same failing, Elizabeth is reduced. out-of-the-way(prenominal) from the flair of Elizabeth, Lalita emerges as a singularly dumb creature. Here Aishwarya, such as she is, seems to fit the script, such as it is. She never gets past that look-at-doe-eyed-me look.She rode a chariot that her admirers made for her when she became Miss World, and she hasnt gotten off it yet. She looks afraid that a real expression would mark her as a woman of the world rather than the lady on the chariot. Her expressions seem to halt in the early stages of formation who knows which particular look might trap her in an unflattering snapshot? She travels the world a prisoner of her facial paint. Chadhas shadow of the book limps along in faltering episodes that fail to hold together, or to hold the audience.The characters only move from one country to another without appearing oftentimes moved in their selves. At the heart of the story is the idea of giving up pride and letting go of prejudices. Elizabeth sees how hearsay and her own misjudgement led her away from truth. She thinks she was blind, partial, prejudiced, absurd, I, who prided myself on my discernment. Nothing much happens to Chadhas characters. Theyre comfortable passengers (pardon the Punjabi ) , just transferring from a jumbo jet to a couple of elephants in Amritsar for the shaadi in the end.The faux-Bollywood style doesnt quite pull off either. The song-and-dance sequences seem to follow the dumb end of Bollywood style. Coming to Bollywood, as it has so regrettably come to be known, the film probably needed Madhuri Dixit, and screenplay of the Farhan Akhtar class. The script is self-consciously synthetic, the lyrics flat when audible, the medicine forgotten as you hear it, the film forgettable once youve seen it. The idea of adaptation wasnt bad, the adaptation is. It is a translation that fails both languages.

One Flew over the Cuckoos Nest Response to Literature Essay Example for Free

mavin Flew over the Cuckoos Nest Response to Literature EssaySociety is a judgmental and rejecting place. It only everyows uniform undivideds to be in this companionship which discards anyones identicalness and pride. In the novel, One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest, by Ken Kesey, suck Ratched alienates the patients individualities which only allows them to never progress in their mental health. The lodge rejects the heap who are not normal. In this case, the people are the ones with mental disorders.Keseys anti-establishment point of view against society portrays that the government misuses power to manipulate society which leads to the suppression of individuality through the literary devices analogy, illustration, and symbolism. Ken Kesey conveys his subject field by vividly explaining the cumulusing party. As one of the treatments, shield Ratched holds group therapy for the patients. During the group therapy session, McMurphy notices that the comprise ignites all the conflict at first so he explains, The flock originates sight of a spot of crease on some chicken and they all go to peckin at it (Kesey 57).McMurphy is trying to explain the abusiveness of Nurse Ratcheds power. This analogy supports Keseys message of how society rejects and leads to the suppression of individuals. Kesey uses the chickens to playact the patients and the first peck would represent Nurse Ratched because she manipulates an individual which causes uneasiness to the patient which will never be the cure for one who is mental to get better.After McMurphy goes on more or less the pecking party, he says one more thing to Harding about the pecking party, You want to receipt who pecks that first peck? (58). McMurphys rhetorical question signifies his opinion even more. This allows not only Harding, moreover the rest of the patients to see how Nurse Ratched is in effect(p) another person and how they should not let her take execute control over them. Kesey furthers his analogy after the pecking party image because it reveals and justifies who really does peck that first peck.This relates to the melodic theme because Nurse Ratched represents the government while the patients represent society concluding that the government continuously pecks at the individuals who feel that they are not a part of society. Overall, the pecking party is an analogy of how society suppresses ones individuality because to be an individual one must get better like the patients attempt to do yet all they are doing are taking steps back due to Nurse Ratched. In One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest, Kesey demonstrates his use of metaphors through machinery comparisons to portray the theme of suppression of an individual.When Bromden characterizes Nurse Ratched he says, So she really lets herself go and her painted smile twists, stretches to an open snarl, and she blows up freehandedger and bigger, big as a tractor, so big I can sprightliness the machinery inside the way y ou smell a motor pulling too big a load. (5). Bromden sees Nurse Ratched as machinery and not as a human be. This supports the fact that the ward is like a factory, just waiting to make patients into products. Kesey uses metaphor to compare Nurse Ratched to machinery because this describes her persona perfectly.Like a machine, Nurse Ratched is very smooth and calm about things at first but like every machine there are flaws. When Nurse Ratched meets her flaws, that is when things take to go haywire like a machine. It can either breakdown or malfunction but it is always repairable. When Bromden has the dream about Blastic, he thinks I was looking to see just a waste of rust and ashes, and now and again a piece of wire or glass (88). The significance of Bromdens dream is that it represents how the ward is inhumane because a shower of rust and ashes fell out of Blastics trunk instead of human organs.Kesey exemplifies metaphor through Bromdens dream by explaining how societys stan dards of being accepted can transform one to be inhumane and to lose their individuality. Overall, these comparisons relate to the theme having the machines represent a form of government, standing in the way, or suppressing, the individual, or society. This can support the main theme that society abuses their power to manipulate and suppress the individuality of others. Fog is used by Kesey to demonstrate them and to symbolize the aloneness and individuality of a patient.Bromden describes the effects of becloud when he thinks, I dont move over to end up at that door if I stay still when the mist comes over me and just keep quiet (132). This explains how much control Nurse Ratched had over the patients. It demonstrates how something like fog takes away their individuality be they just keep quiet. The fog symbolizes a safe zone and aloneness for the patients because Nurse Ratched had so much authority over the patients that it was like a crib holding them while she was out. Kesey s theme is supported in this because society takes away individuality as well as fog does.One characteristic they both share is the way they manipulate and abuse their power. Bromden also thinks about fog when he said, You had a choice you could either strain and look at things that appeared in front of you in the fog, painful as it might be, or you could relax and lose yourself (131). Bromden describes how the patients were almost forced to be in the fog because you could relax and lose yourself and that the time that is all the patients really want. The fog also symbolizes a scapegoat for the patients so they dont have to face all the challenges ahead because you had a choice.A simple break from everything, especially Nurse Ratched. This furthers Keseys message of how the fog is another form of control from Nurse Ratched, in which she abuses her power by manipulating her patients so they cannot get better. Ken Kesey uses analogy, metaphor, and symbolism to demonstrate how society uses their power to manipulate others which leads to a suppressed individual. He uses examples from the ward to compare the real outside piece with a mental asylum. This world and society focus too much on how to fit in and it has become more of a moral thing to fit in than to be ones self.Kesey blames it on the establishment that people are suppressed of their individuality, but is that really true? It has become a custom rather than a rule and that needs to change and it starts from being a leader and an individual rather than a follower. The real story of individuals is not within the establishment, but it is within a person. To let out that is to depending on the person and that is the problem in our society, no one likes to be that person to step up and be the first to go. But if someone were to do it, our society would change instantly.

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Cultural Diversity Ewareness Essay Example for Free

Cultural Diversity Ewareness EssayMany cultural differences abound in San Franciscos educational institutions. The so many another(prenominal) people of different races who live together in this side of the united Sates have quite a challenge trying to co populate because of their cultural differences occasioned by their differences in race, religion, gender, friendly status besides others. These differences pit the whites, Latinos, Caucasians, Black Americans and the physically challenged against each other in their twenty-four hours to day activities whether it is in the educational institutions, in church or in several other social organizations. A case in study here is the educational institution set up where these differences are so leafy vegetable they threaten to get out of control. All these groups live in a state of vindication because they are not able to appreciate their cultural differences. Stereotyping coupled with worrying levels of intolerance has adversely impact social order in campuses since no one group is prepared to accept what they see as an act meant to devalue them from from an otherwise well- meaning different racial group.This has resulted in near total confabulation breakdown. One needs to be well acquainted with the several differences in the cultures of these students so as to be able to coexist without these unnecessary conflicts (Paul et al 1967). Black Americans and students from foreign countries mainly from Africa, Latin America and roughly Asian countries have most of the time had the going tough due to racial profiling. Discrimination is meted against them and their reception is denial and defencse. A a couple of(prenominal) respond to this challenge using minimization.Most cases of violent confrontations on many campuses in San Francisco are as a result of these differences which are more often than not ignored by the concerned authorities. Professionals handling students affairs should make every effort to i nfuse into students affairs puddle the needed skills that bring about multicultural competences, for example awareness and the knowledge together with the necessary skills so that the students can be able to work with fellow culturally different students in a carriage that bears meaning, relevance and productive ways (Pope, Reynolds Mueller 2004).Cross-cultural communication is a big issue here as the different racial groups speak a language that any(prenominal)times has words that do not exist in the vocabulary of the others or words that bear different meanings and this presents a case of communication on cross-purposes and therefore conflicts are bound to be frequent. We are talking about slang, idioms and dialects that are not green to all. A student from outside the U. S.will not fully understand the meanings of many words employ by their native college mates occasioning a breakdown in communication. This age-group has its own set of language that deviates from the common language, the only one they know and this brings misunderstandings among them posing a threat to communication. The physically challenged do not come well in many socio-cultural settings due to heir disabilities. They are left to maneuver through the smutty and difficult programs in the educational institutions on their own.The frustration resulting from these acts of abeism makes them react by way of misplaced assault (Jaime 2004). To this, they respond by coiling to a corner to give the strong way, and so do some female students. College youth has serious intolerance for some religions especially Islam. Most of them in this region few and associate it with terrorism, which is a very harsh term to a fellow student, but still they cannot keep off using it against students from some Asian countries or those from a similar origin.Counseling needs to be effrontery priority in resolving these various differences and biases. REFERENCES Jaime, (2004). Toward Multiculturalism A Reade r in Multicultural Education Newton, Ma, able Resource Corporation. Paul et al, (1967). Pragmatics of Human Communication A History of Interactional Patterns, Pathologies and Paradoxes. New York, W. W. Norton. Pope, Reynolds and Mueller, (2004). Multicultural competency in Student Affairs San Francisco, CA.

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Reflective Account of Child GSA

Reflective Account of Child GSAlately in our house in the month of May this year a young boy has join as a daytime bookman. I give refer to him as Jake in this reflective reputation (this is non his real name and all relevant information/ ad hominem data regarding exact time of the movement has been changed in order to comply with the CSA Confidentiality Policy).When Jake first came to the house he of course came as a run period and he has been accompanied by two early(a) criminal maintenance workers from his former arranging/school who knew him in truth well. This was a transition for him and also for us. His placement with our house was a two day a week. These two days were spread apart into Mondays and Fridays.In order to assess his needs I suppose it is required intensive observation. The information deliver the goodsd from his previous school, p atomic number 18nts and care workers/social worker it is very definitive but I believe that working work force on with hi m allow allow a punter brain and I could reach off a proper evaluation of his needs according to the new environs and settings that he is currently surrounded by.When a new educatee enters our house, every stars vigilance/attention and my own it is oftentimes higher in order to understand his needs, to assess him and fully understand him as an individual. I believe that everyone it is unique in their own way and to fully assess someone it hires a lot of care, taking into custody and information in order to final payment the right decisions for that person and will the best care / alterative program so that they can grow and develop further more than.Jake is a very surfacespoken young man, knows what he wants and has grown a lot in the last months in independence and is more able to mountain with changes than when he has first arrived to our house.As an initial sound judgment it has been taking into consideration all the information equanimous from his previous care p rotrudes, statements from care workers, discussion with his parents and most significantly by talking to Jake and finding out what he thinks and wants to do.CSA uses a series of therapies and therapeutic activities and they are as follows therapeutic art, music, speech, movement, riding, play, massage, foot bath and counselling. all(prenominal) child and young adult that is attending school or it is part of a placement with CSA has the unattached stick out to benefit from all these activities. These therapeutic activities happen as a one to one patch unless stated otherwise in the child or young persons care plan. CSA has also a redact of workshops available to every student that is in the community. They are as follows metal, pottery, candle, weaver, felting, green woodwork and garden workshop. These workshops economic aid with the increase of creativity, independence and self esteem which gives the students an incredible sense of achieving erst they hold their creations int o their own hands and not only also during the creative process.Discussing with Jake, I quickly found out that he likes photo games and that he is very technological. Jake is also a very good communicator which helped me understand quicker what and how I should onslaught a development care plan and properly assess his needs. Also by reading and postulation or so him from multiple sources provided but not only, especially through daily observation and working with Jake has been evenly important.At the beginning like I said his trial period consisted in showing him almost the house, estate, programmes and workshops. He got to know everyone else from the house residents, day students and co-workers. He has been accompanied for the first month by other two staff members from his previous school and by me. The input from his parents, the information from his school, reading his previous care plan and the information from previous staff who has worked with Jake has helped me asses s and better understand john needs. Jake though has been the one who helped the most in order for us to provide the best care plan and fulfil his needs. subsequently each day that Jake spends with us it has been record in a diary which has helped me make his care plan and his individual risk assessment. They are all kept in the office in his personal file. afterwards his arrival to the house there are 28 days in which I have to provide his care plan and the intended approach. Working with my colleagues, the craft masters, parents, former care workers from his previous school and with Jakes input I was able to make his care plan. Speaking with everyone involved gives me a better understanding of the whole situation and gives me the opportunity to take the best decisions. by and by doing so I made real that everyone from the house who was involved in his care was aware, read, understood and that we all stand together on a common ground and take the same approach. These have been d one through multiple meetings regarding Jake with all the personal that was involved in his care.All observations, assessments and reviews are recorded in his personal file and it is kept in the office of the house and the main office of CSA. Each time he was with us has been documented and recorded his progress in his personal diary which is up to date. His personal file also includes a few incident reports.The first few times that Jake was with us, actually the first two he was outgoing and very communicative.In order to asses a childs needs according to the Children (Scotland) Act 1995 under section 24 it is key that it is looked upon at the child needs and it is equally important that it is looked at also at the ability of the carer in order to provide the care. Both parties are actually being assessed by the Council in order to provide the best care and the most relevant support that it is needed.Meeting this need for Jake, gives us great right in order to bring his developme nt further. When his transition started with the CSA and the house for Jake it has been done through the proper channels.For warningPermission from his family in order to gather information that will allow us to understand and draw a plan in order to meet up his needs, the discussions in the meetings regarding the assessment and most importantly a one to one get to know the child in a safe surroundings and space are the basic approach that gave us an insight. After all this a copy of the assessment it is handed over to the family once all this is finalized.As a general background Jake is a 7*(not his real age) year old young man and he has been struggling with accessing his education since nursery. He has been diagnosis with ASD and ADHD. When he feels that he is under pressure he has a tendency to present aggressive and lashing behaviour. He is also a very chatty young man.After a period of trial which consisted of Jake being in our house on Mondays and Fridays there has been a review concerning Jakes updates which was all about his adaptability to the new settings and if we were going on the right track regarding his development and needs. Clearly something needed to be changed if I wanted that this process to work out. Asking my colleagues and the craft masters about what and how I should best support his needs. An idea came that if these would have to work the space between Mondays to Friday should change. The decision was consulted with his parents and with all staff of our house that Jake will attend every day of the week for a shorter period of time in order to make a difference. I find this method to be very efficient and it has been proven with another student of our house and clearly worked. Less time during the day but on a scale that will include the whole week.Also during this review because of all the disturbing behaviour he was engaging when he was picked up by the taxi and his previous care workers, I decided that this will stop and he sho uld be picked up by his mum or different taxi driver and staff. His mum agreed.After all this changes Jake has shown a lot of more calm and ease to be with us. He started to engage more in the house and with his co-workers and he started to attend more and more workshops that he has dismissed previously. He had at the beginning a two to one co-worker and now after six months he has progressed to a one to one co-worker.There are times still when he acts out but he has also learned to have a time out or a break when he needs it. The staff is focusing on the positive behaviour rather than the bad one and once Jake was calm and ready to listen everything has been explained to him. Everyone from the co-workers does the same thing and we all stand together on a common ground in order to help Jake.Once the plan is set out, everyone is to care it out accordingly. When a set of practice are respected and applicable by everyone in the team as an united front this has proven to give tremendous results in the care of the child/young persons needs.As positive child behaviour methods and techniques CSA, uses a series of behavioural techniques which have been specified on paginate A of this paper. Through art, baking and always teaching them to ask nicely and to say thank you when they sojourn something to happen. Counselling and trying to make them understand is also a method that CSA uses which has been very effective with Jake. And last the consequences for example when they have less than a great day has been proven to be as equally effective when used as a united front.At home it has been agreed that they should use alike(p) techniques when Jake becomes a little bit less aware/unsettled. For example to keep his bedroom tidy, no video games after 10 and so on.In order to keep and maintain a positive core but most importantly a positive behaviour Jake has agreed that he when overwhelmed will take a break/time out in order to collect his thoughts where he will not fee l pressure from staff in order to attend the next activity for example.In our hebdomadal meeting we discuss and evaluate all sides. Everyone gets the chance to speak and to offer an opinion, support for the work. Once things are discussed especially on improvements and how to best support that positive behaviour within the program I take the decision to sustain or to cancel something that it is less than that.For example Jake didnt want to have snack with everyone else so instead was offered to have a picnic outside together with 2 other co-workers and another student which seemed to make Jake very happy. This has been later integrated in his program because of the positive impact it had on Jake.

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Design and Construction of Liquefaction Tank

Design and Construction of Liquefaction TankChapter 3. MethodologyAs mentioned in previous chapters, the butt of the project is to design and construct a liquefaction tank car to be used during geotechnical engineering lectures and laboratory sessions to discuss the liquefaction phenomenon fundamental concept.Existing liquefaction simulationsThe liquefaction demonstration tank is not anything new. In fact, it is a classic in a geotechnical engineering program. This demonstration audition tends to leave a lasting impression on the students mind. It is easy to regulate numerous figures and pictures of a basic quick mainstay model. For example, Holtz and Kovacs (1981) demonstrate a conceptual design diagram of a liquefaction tank, as shown in figure 3.1. The model consists of two tanks. The pee system tank is at the john(a) and the top tank contains sand. A pump is used to pump the pissing from the bottom tank into the sand tank, readys the up(a) full point in the quicksan d tank. Flowing through the porous stone layer at the bottom of the sand tank, the upward water pressure is distributed evenly over the entire base of the sand layer, keeping the porewater pressure unbroken through push through. Number of piezometers is inst whollyed directly onto the sand tank at antithetical level, which changes water top dogs within the quicksand tank during the experiment to be observed and adaptations to be taken.From the literature research, on that point are two existing quicksand models construct at other universities, pictures of which are obtained. Essentially, the concept is similar in both tanks. There are two enlighten containers, one on the top contains sand specimen and a tank with water at the bottom that will be used to fill and drain the sand tank into. Figure 3.2 shows the model at the University of Illinois which is very similar to the diagram in figure 3.1. The other liquefaction tank shown in figure 3.3 is built at the Nanyang Technolog ical University, Singapore. Instead of employ pump, a standpipe is used to create and control the upwards menstruations in the sand tank. Also the piezometers in this model are installed on a uninvolved board. Using flexile tubes, they are connected to valves installed at the side of the tank. A operate- eagre used to notice the vertical settlement of the determination on top of the sand mass when it liquefies.Design of the modelAfter evaluating all of the existing liquefaction models, an lineation drawing including all dimensions and key features was drawn as shown in figure 3.4. The main concept of the model is kept the same as those existing models. Utilising a hydraulic bench to contain water and concord the sand tank, pump and water tank is not be needed. As for the liquefaction tank, there are numerous requirements that its design has to meet. First all of the tank, measured 500x500x700mm, must be make strong enough to stomach the pressure created by the sand and wate r mass (about 200kg) in side. It also needs to be make water proof to forbid water from leaking out. One of the important requirements is that the tank must be vapourific enough to enable a clear visual of the sand and the phenomenon happens in site to be observed. fetching all consideration into account, the sand tank is make out of fabricated Perspex panels glued together using impermeable glue. Similar to the model at the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, five piezometers are installed on a separated board and connected to the tank using flexible tubes. This enables the model to be moved around safer and easier compared with sozzled piezometers installed on the tank due to the significant height required. The tank also has two valves one on side acting as the inlet and out let, which helps to control the upward flow intimate the tank. An photoflood tube also is incorporated at the top. At each tube and valves connections, filter is used to prevent the sand particl es from leaking out.Inside the tank, there nine plastic cylinders placed at the bottom of the tank to condense the mass. The sand will sit on a layer porous stone of 40mm chummy which contained by 2 layers of metal operatees with drilled holes. This allow ins the upward water flow to be distributed evenly over commonwealth of the sand mass base. Layers of geotextile are placed between the stone layer and the sand layer, which effectively simoleons the fine particles from leaking down to the porous stone layer. The sand was filled up to the height of the fifth piezometer which do up a total thickness of 430mm from the metal mesh base. The sand tank is placed on top of the hydraulic bench. There is also a steel frame support to be make in the future to secure the tank to the bench, enables it to be moved around safely.Based on these drawings, with the attention of our departmental senior technicians, the tank was constructed as shown in figure 3.5. There is a lessened adapti on to the design, which the valves are not connected directly onto the side panel but through a thick layer of Perspex prevents any crack to occurs at the connections. Similar to the model at the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, a dial gauge attached to a steel bar place over the top of the tank, is used to measure the vertical settlement of the model. A metal string helps to secure the structure model to the steel bar, which enable the model to be taken out of the tank easily after completely depressing into the sand mass.Testing materialsPorous stone layerAs described in the final design of the model, there is a porous stone layer with a thickness of 40mm placed between the sand and the mesh support. For this project, 10mm concrete aggregate was used to make up this stone layer. A sieve analysis was carried out on a 1 kg of sample to determine the grain size redistribution of this type of aggregate.Leighton turkey vulture sandOnce constructed, the model was used for testing liquefaction resisting performance of list of different type of structures. For these tests, Leighton buzzard Sand fraction C was used. This was supplied by the David Ball Group, Cambridge, UK, confirming to BS 1881-1311998. After performing number of classification tests namely maximum and minimum density and sieve analysis on the 0.5kg sample, properties of the sand were ascertain as follows. Specific gravity of the Leighton Buzzard Sand fraction C was 2.65. Minimum and maximum alter densities were 1.40 g/cm3 and 1.68 g/cm3, respectively. These are value corresponding to the maximum and minimum void ratios which were calculated as 0.89 and 0.58, respectively. More than 80% of the coarse sand particles, which are rounded and mainly quartz, are between (around) three hundred m and 600 m which meets the BS 1881-1311998 standard.Resisting structure modelsFor this project, three blue models with similar weight were made, representing three different foundation designs as shown in figure 3.6. All three models have same shape, weight and made of the same materials. Table 3.1 shows the dimension and weight of the models. Models A represents pile foundation for high raise buildings and orotund infrastructures. Model B represents a typical mat foundation which is a shallow foundation for small and medium houses and apartment buildings. Model C acts as the control which is just a standard auction block structure without foundation.Testing proceduresTo enable a comparison of the performance of the different types of foundations, the liquefaction tank was used to create the quicksand condition, in which the model placed on top of the sand surface, starts to sink down when the top sand layer liquefied. As mentioned in the literature review, there are various factors that can influent the liquefaction susceptibility namely soil particle grain size, upwards seepage and level of compaction. For this experiment to be accurate, all of the above parameters were kept approximately unremitting from one test to the other. The same sand, Leighton Buzzard (fraction C) was used in all three tests. Initial water level within the tanks as well as the flow rate controlled by the inlet valve with also was kept the same.All nine supports were placed at the bottom of the liquefaction tank, followed by the metal mesh and the qeotextile layer. A 40mm thick layer of cleaned concrete aggregate was put on top of the geotextile and slightly compacted. Another layer of geotextile and metal mesh were put in before gushy the sand in. The sand were poured into the tank and compacted evenly in three layers. Once the model and the dial gauge were installed on top of the tank, the experiment was ready to run. While the outlet was completely closed, the inlet valve was opened to allow the water is pumped in the tank creating an upward flow, hence the change in pore water pressure between the sand particles and the increase in the water level in the piezometers. Hydraulic divisions education from the piezometers at different levels were recorded periodically and later on used to determine pore water pressure inside the tank. As predicted by the theory, as the inlet, valve 1, is opened to let the water to flow in, the head at the bottom of the sand layer will gradually increase and eventually to a able value which can cause the sand to liquefy. The upward seepage forces will balance the downwards gravitative forces created by the sand mass. Hence rendering the shear strength of the sand to zero, any structure/ object lens placed on top of the sand surface will sink in gradually sink into the sand mass. The whole procedure of the test will be recorded using a digital camera for reference when analyzing the data.As can be noticed form the figure 3.5, a small amount of blue dye was added to all five piezometers, to enhance the visibility of the water level inside the tube, especially when taking pictures and video. This can cause the non a ngiotensin-converting enzyme density of the liquid inside the whole continuance of the tube and result in the inaccurate measurements of the heads in the tank. However, since the amount of dye is minimal and taking the non unity of the water inside the tank, it is assumed that the head represented by the piezometers is approximately same as the head inside the tanks. In fact, this can be shown in figure 3.7, where inlet and outlet valves are closed, the water level inside the tank is stationary. The different in heads caused by the non unity of the fluid can precisely be seen in all five piezometer.Data collectionLiquefaction is a phenomenon that tends to occur very quickly. therefore manual readings taking from all five piezometers are difficult and not very accurate. For this project, a digital camera was used to capture pictures at interval and record a video of the whole experiment.From the reading of the piezometers, porewater pressures at different level inside the tank wil l be calculated during the whole experiments. From these data, represent of settlement against porewater pressure will be plotted for each experiment. Since all other parameters were kept constant from one test to the other, excepts for the type of foundation used, therefore difference between graphs will enable a comparison between the different type of foundation to be drawn.