Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Should Rich Countries Help the Poor Countries Essay - 1

Should Rich Countries Help the unretentive Countries - Essay ExampleThe roots of terrorism can expand to the naughty countries which whitethorn affect them. thereof for the betterment of these rich countries only it is necessary that they help the pathetic ones. third if these rich countries help the poor countries they would be able to have good terms with them and this can help them in increasing their consumer base. It is seen that the state of these third world countries constitutes a large part of the population of this world. whence if a rich soil helps these poor countries they can be assured that their products are being used by the consumers of these poor countries. Hence the economy of the rich countries can also be improved because of this very reason.The opponents of this view on the new(prenominal) hand present with opposing points. The opponents propose that rich countries should not help the poor countries because of the fact that these countries may become pu nishinger and may pose a threat to them in the future. The poor countries may become strong enough to build a military base which can be then used for leering purposes. In other words, it can pose a threat to the whole world. Secondly, they also propose that the silver sent to the poor countries can rather be used by the rich countries for their own betterment. The rich countries should rather use this money for their own people. This would help these people to benefit in terms of finance. In other words, people suffering in these rich countries should be the first priority of these rich countries. Thirdly it is noticed that even if the poor countries are helped by rich ones the money is not utilized in the right place.

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