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Implementation stage of the project Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Implementation stage of the endure - Assignment ExampleIs the resolution viable for execution How did the team arrive to this executing feasibility conclusion What should be done to ensure favored execution of the watchTo answer these questions, Nik and Alexs team must first determine the factors that would affect the performance of their proposed solution. That would squiffy they would have to consider both internal and external factors.Internal factors would be everything that relates to the organization during the process of transitioning the project from finality-making to implementation. Factors like organizational structure, roles and responsibilities, physical systems, decision authority, empowerment, compensation and incentives must be considered (Broadfuehrer, 2000). This is to ensure that there is a strong foundation in place within the organization that will enable the smooth transitioning of the project to the implementation phase. Having an organizational structu re would help identify the key persons that would take on the implementer roles and responsibilities. Physical systems and decision authority ensure that there are standards in place and resources available (e.g. people and budget) for the decision implementation. At the same time, empowerment, compensation and incentives drive commitment and responsiveness to the execution of the project. External factors, on the other hand, would be things relating and affecting Kava as a solely. In Kavas case these factors need to be considered legality of the implementation, governmental acceptance - the government and Kava citizens, the local standards, resource availability, environmental issues and constraints. These factors have an effect on how the whole project would be perceived and accepted by the Kava society. Knowing these factors and working around them during implementation would decidedly affect the success of the project as a whole.This is where the proposed solution technique t ies in with implementation process. Since the Stepladder approach was used in the decision-making process, it is around likely that the implementers were also part of the decision-making processes. This means that these factors for implementation, at least part of it, have already been considered. Ensuring that these implementation factors are tied in with the decision-making process, guarantees the smooth, effective and expeditious execution of the proposed solution. Resources and Actions Required for Decision ImplementationEstablishing a greater presence in Kava is definitely a long-term goal. Immediate recognition from Kava citizens wont happen over night. After selecting the solution and most feasible implementation process, Nik and Alexs team must now look into the actual availability of the resources and the necessary actions take to acquiring them.During the decision-making process, a team was assigned to do the task. This is the same during the implementation process. It could be the same team that handled the decision-making. However, key people should be brought in that have more expertise in the matter. One employment would be sourcing. The decision-making team would have probably

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