Thursday, April 25, 2019

ERP Story-Part A Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

ERP Story-Part A - Case Study ExampleThe business should consider the cost of implementing the new software installation and profitability of the undertaking. Merging the business has risks accompanied to it. Therefore, proper evaluation of returns and efficient running of activities is so important. The research found out that the problem associated with such step is the increase in the size of the organization, which means difficulty in tracking records and meeting operational costs.Business organizations vary in the operations they look at in order to satisfy human wants. The two main categories are service based, or commodity possessing and production. The finished product or service in these activities provides a platform for either satisfaction or dissatisfaction from customers. If customers are not happy, the organization engages in an evaluation process to determine where the problem sprouts from. This rotter be through assessing current equipment in production or perfor mance evaluation as a whole. The strict measure is then undertaken to retain the loyal customers. If the customers are satisfied, the management initiates ways to maintain the standards. As such, this report will discuss alphabet Company and how it seeks to obtain a market placement through unify of activities and improving technology.The size of a growing business organization instigates the type of technological equipment an organization should correct in order to increase efficiency. Complex company structures will need large data warehousing facilities to enable the business store properly its information. In the case study, the current technological position of ABC cannot ensure good flow of information and communication. The new idea of creating merged type of business can be a solution to problems. Problems such as funds required for the project can be managed through pooling of resources from these different entities.

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