Monday, April 15, 2019

Retirement Age Policy Essay Example for Free

Retirement Age Policy endeavorThe issue whether government should set a limit on the seclusion age remains controversial. nearly people believe that there would be infeasible for different people who have different require while others claim regardless of distinctions in peoples priorities, this policy guarantees fairness for all. I take hold with the former view. It is undeniable that the nature of work has a big say over peoples length of working time.While some(a) builders, cleaners find that they can altogether work manger the age of forty for their assiduous and tedious project, politicians who gain experience through time can only reach their zenith in their sixties or seventies, as in the case of Hilary Clinton or Geogre. W. Bush. As for writers whose intake springs up at any time of their life, whether young or old, the limitation on their age retirement would stifle their creativity and render them less discouraged to pursue this career. Another reason for the absolute impossible action in the implementation of this policy is the variance in peoples priorities.Unlike women who may be concerned with their families rather than their own jobs and cut-short their career by staying at home and taking care of their families, some scientists are able to dedicate their entire life to the cause of giving birth to revolutionary ideas and would find oneself unfair if they are supposed to say goodbye to their unfinished dreams. Equally important, the current state of wellness and economic scenario of the whole nation should be taken into consideration when it comes to the decision of setting age retirement.In case of people handicapped, it would be far-fetching for them to prolong their career till the required age, as opposed to others who beat with cancer and are reluctant to terminate their desired career. Regarding the picture of workforce of each nation, say, Vietnam where young labor is redundant, this policy is workable. However, Japan is l ikely to lengthen age retirement when faced with the overwhelming domination of senescent population and a serious dearth of young labor.

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