Monday, April 22, 2019

Companies in the Financial Industry Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 9500 words

Companies in the Financial Industry - Essay ExampleOther companies and their strategies will also be examined in an attempt to discover if they will reach the pinnacle, for which they are aimed, or if they will fail in their efforts to knock the king off his mountain.In order to reach the top in the fiscal services industry, and, an even more delicate task to stay there, a certain amount of status can be a good thing, and some experts may even say it is more than apparent a necessary thing. Some of the companies discussed herein have that attitude and some of them dont.Initially, the focus of this musical theme was to be on a number of the oldest and most well known New York Stock permute firms such as Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith, Kidder Peabody, JP Morgan, Chase Manhattan and Prudential. It soon became clear that such material, both printed and electronic, that was available concerning such firms was sort of limited and focused on banal items such as financials and p rofit/loss statements. Finding critical papers or journal reports written about the history of such firms was nearly as difficult as was discovering books (both fiction and non-fiction) about the same subject. A grand total of five books covering contend Street history were discovered in the local library system, with only one book on site. A detailed search at the local universitys library was not nearly as productive as had been hoped either.Not only was there a limited supply of books covering beleaguer Streets history, there was even less in the way of books written about ad hoc firms. Books such as Charles R. Geissts environ Street A History and 100 Years of Wall Street provided a detailed and rich history of Wall Street, but not a deficit of specific details concerning companies themselves.

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