Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Gummy Bear Lab Essay

Question- If the percent of the concentration of a result varies, go out the issue forth of water gained or lost transmute in a one-dimensional fashion?Hypothesis- If the concentration of a termination varies, then the fare of water lost or gain will not vary in a linear fashionPrediction- I think that the summate of water lost will not vary in a linear fashion. I think the water will vary handle one embarrassing obtain would lose 4 grams while different would lose 6 grams while another would lose 3.56 grams. Just total all over the place.Experiment-1. Materials neededa. 5 gummy bearsb. 5 beakersc. A scale of measurementd. Distilled watere. Saltf. A cover for to each one beakerg. A paper to put on the scaleh. TweezersThe independent variable is the brininess in the water. The dependent variable is whether the amount of water lost or gained in the gummy bears varies in a linear fashion. The constants are the symbol of gummy bear used in this try, the typecast of b rininess, the type of beaker, the type of scale, the cover, amount of water, and the amount of time the gummy bears have. The control is the beaker without the flavor in it Beaker A. Safety proceduresinclude washing your hands before and after the experiment. daylight 1 Get 5 beakers and 5 gummy bears. Put a paper on the scale and find the weight of the gummy bears. therefore put the gummy bears in each beaker and label the beakers A-E. Put ampere-second ml of water in each beaker. Pick a solution you want each beaker to have. For this experiment the solutions were Beaker A- 0% Beaker B- 5% Beaker C- 10% Beaker D- 15%, and Beaker E- 20%. So to put the solutions into the beaker, first take salt and find the weight of it. It you want a 5% solution the salts weight has to be 5 grams or close to 5 grams.Do the same for the other beakers. Of course, Beaker A will have no salt in it because it doesnt have a solution with salt. Cover each beaker with the same kind of cover and wait for 24 hours to chequer what happens. solar day 2 Take the beakers out of the place they were in. Spill all the silver out of all the beakers. Make sure to identify which gummy bear is which. It is best to do this one at a time. Take the gummy bear out of the beaker with tweezers. Put a paper on the scale and weigh each gummy bear. Record the weight. When you are make slowness each, throw the gummy bears and all waste away and wash your hands. abbreviationObservations were that all the gummy bears lost their pale yellow color and false into a clear color. about gummy bears had salt sticking to it. other gummy bear lost its shape completely and it looked like glob. Some gummy bears looked like it gained weight and some looked like it lost weight. Errors were that a little bit of salt was tallyed into the control root Beaker A. Results from Alexiss group were that all the gummy bears gained weight and Justin told me that all his gummy bears also gained weight although I dont kn ow what their solution were for each beaker or the inconsistency from the nett weight to the initial weight. Their results didnt vary in a linear fashion. Mathematical calculations were to subtract the final weight of the gummy bear with the initial weight of the gummy bear. endpointThe results of the experiment were that the water lost or gained didnt vary in a linear fashion. It went from one number to another. Even though the amount of solute varied in a linear fashion, the differences did not. They vary at a nonlinear rate. These results matched the hypothesis and proved it correct.Errors that happened in this experiment were that some salt was added to the control group Beaker A. This could have affected the dependent variable by gummy bear losing a little bit of weight because of the salt. The results from the other groups were that their results didnt vary in a linear fashion. This is consistent with my results because the difference in grams also didnt vary in a linear fas hion. This means that my lab was done correctly.Other experiments that can be done are by taking a jar and filling it with water. accordingly secure the paper towel on the jar with a no-good band. Make a water filled chamber to put food coloring drops it in and see what happens. The paper towel is the cell tissue layer and the food coloring is the water molecules crossing the cell membrane. Another experiment is by filling two beakers of water, making them full and labeling them. Then add salt to one beaker and mix it into the water until no more salt can dissolve. Put a carrot, celery, and 3 raisins in each beaker and see what happens in 24 hours.

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