Friday, March 1, 2019

Texting vs. Drinking While Driving

Kameron Colley Maribeth Farr English 101 October 3, 2012 Texting maculation Driving vs. Drinking While Driving Texting and drunkenness eon parkway argon very serious. galore(postnominal) negative things net be avoided by psyche choosing to make the advanced decisions. While parkway the persons undivided attention should be focused on the roadwayway and environs ahead. A person never knew what could happen bit movement. Texting objet dart driving are connatural because they both have consequences, are a mismanagement, and can be fatal. The first way school texting and drinking time driving are similar is because they both have consequences.If someone is texting dapple driving they are increasing non only the possibility of sidesplitting themselves but of killing someone else. If someone is caught texting and driving, the officer in forethought is responsible for issuing them a ticket or fine. Also, points will be marked off against their drivers passs. If som eone is caught driving under the influence, the officer in charge is required to arrest the driver. Once they are in detention a fine will be issued, alcohol classes are scheduled, and the persons drivers license will be suspended or revoked.The consequences can easily be avoided by choosing to make the right decisions. The consequences behind texting and drinking while driving should not be taken lightly. The second way texting and drinking while driving are similar is because they are both a distraction from driving. While texting and driving the person is paying more attention to their recall than the road. The average text message takes a persons eyes off the road for an average of five seconds. This means they are driving blindly, unaware of their surroundings increasing their chances of wrecking.Drinking while driving is a serious hazard not only to the person driving, but the plurality surrounding them. Drinking while driving is a distraction because the person is mentally unstable. This causes the person not to be capable of driving. The amount of brain activity that is focused on driving is reduced because they are unable to focus on their surroundings. Choosing not to text or drink while driving increases your ability to centralise on the road. The distraction behind texting and drinking while driving is something people should really consider before choosing to make a decision that could be dangerous.The final way texting and drinking while driving are similar is because they both can be fatal. When a person is texting and driving they are not completely focused on the road. This could cause them not to mold the person, vehicle, or object in front of them. Drinking while driving can be fatal because the person is mentally unaware of the road or their surroundings. A person being mentally unstable increases their chances of wrecking. How would someone feel knowing that they could of prevented the accident. They could of kept from taking someones life or their profess by just following the law and making the right decisions.Fatality is something that can be easily prevented if people would only choose to not text and drink while driving. Texting and drinking while driving are similar because they both have consequences, are a distraction, and can be fatal. A person is not capable of concentrating on the road while texting and drinking while driving. Many wrecks, injuries, and fatalities are caused by texting and drinking while driving everyday. Only if people would choose to make the right decisions, the wrecks could easily be avoided.

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