Thursday, May 30, 2019

Shame on You Essay -- essays research papers fc

Shame on YouIt seems that the average family is spending more time going out to fast food restaurants than eating at home. With more Americans eating out, corpulency is at a new high. With the ever rising obesity problem in America, fast food chains be being pointed out as the ones to blame. Whos at fault? Is it the consumers or the companies making the blebby food readily available? While eating out is becoming the easiest alternative to a sit down dinner at home, the effects of in like manner much fast food can be harmful and sometimes deadly to ones health. It is too easy to place the blame on the companies when the one making the decision to eat out is the consumers.Supply and demand is simple and easy to understand. Broken down it means this supply is the product the companies welcome and demand is what the consumer wants. If the consumers thought that they shouldnt be buying unhealthy foods they wouldnt put any money into that product. Once that product stops making mone y, the companies assess what the needs of the consumers are and then market a new product. Since fast food restaurants are still very much in business, the demands of their unhealthy products are still high. An important factor with Americans gaining more weight is that as they are eating more, they are exercising less. Some people can get international with eating McDonalds everyday because they work out everyday too. But, the majority of us dont take that time out of our day to get dislodge of those extra calor...

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