Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Eating Right Essay

Kelsey Schmidt English Noon Forum Report The second noon meeting place I attended was called My Plate and was intimately making kempt choices in meals or food we choose in college. A dietician, Rachel Pinos, from Hyvee was in that location to give us the presentation. She talked about how extremely important it is to down healthy in college. She discussed how kids are away from home for the first time and dont have moms home cooked meals, so they wont choose the right servings of each food, simply because they dont know how.Others will get stressed easily in college over studies or relationship issues and will eat unhealthy foods to make themselves feel better. Rachel showed us a normal plate with an example of the servings of each type of food we should have. She tell we needed a type of grain, fruit, vegetable, and source of protein. She discussed balancing calories in foods, what foods to increase, and what foods to decrease. She sent us back with her business card, a sheet over the 10 tips for healthy meals, and a packet with all of the slides she covered in her presentation.I also liked this noon forum, because eating right is another factor that college students seem to ignore. in that respect are many circumstances in which college students make the wrong choice in eating unhealthy foods. Whether they are too busy or tally behind and dont take the time to eat, overload on sugars and desserts to overcome stresses, or dont get the right amount of fruits and vegetable, there are many times when kids our age dont eat healthy meals.I think this is a subject that I could personally break on myself. I need to force myself to have a type of vegetable, fruit, grain, and protein at every meal without overloading on one or another. This noon forum was very informative and will be extremely helpful to me while in college and in the future when planning meals for myself or a possible family.

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