Thursday, May 9, 2019

Philosophy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words - 4

Philosophy - Essay Examplend analyzing distinguishes serviceman beings from all other creatures including animals, beasts, birds and even latest devised calculation and computation machines. Renowned twentieth century philosopher Alan N. Turing (1950) is of the intellection that digital computation systems render the lengthy and exhausting computation and calculation services far speedy than human brains, and thus they could challenge and surpass human brains in computation performance, even though these machines be unable to make analysis and draw out tangible measurements attributed to humans. The present paper aims to examine the fact, in the illumination of theoretical frameworks presented by Rene Descartes and A. M. Turing, that whether human made machines, digital computers, robots and androids have obtained the same level of idea and reason in this era of technological revolution that is attributed and confined to human brain only or human brain certainly outclasses digit al computers on the foundation of unique reasoning and deep condition which the latest digital computers are unable to observe. The analyses will also be made in the light of Philip Dicks novelDo Androids Dream of Electric Sheep for accept of reject the hypothesis articulate by Turing (1950).Nature has blessed human beings with splendid mental capabilities, which have been turned out to be highly supportive for the establishment of their superiority over the fish of the water, beast of the jungle, pet of urban manner and the bird of the sky. Hence, man keeps dominance over almost all creatures by dint of the innate mental characteristics and knowing intellect. Turing (1950) displays his reservations regarding the fast pace of developments being made in the world of technology, which not only have presumption birth to countless inventions and discoveries, but continuous sequence of these inventions may supersede human intellect as well. By this, according to him, people could re ly upon machinery even for entering into

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