Thursday, May 9, 2019

Marketing Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Marketing - Assignment ExampleMartha should subdivide the market further. at that place are a lot of professional women who does not stay at home and who are as busy as men. There are also students, single women, etch. What Martha should initially target are the stomach wives who stays at home that takes care of the children. They are the natural market of Trap-Ease it protects the infants and toddlers from the threat of poisoning of other(a) rodent control products. But Martha should not stop with the mothers, she should include the fathers too which is another segment of the market. In fact, the right market segmentation for the product is not merely stay home housewives but should be parents. But given the outlay of the investors that she needs to recoup, this market segment may not enough to spine the cost. So she should expand her market to other segments like business establishments who has the same need for rodent control. This is a promising market for Trap-Ease as the p roduct is nicely designed that would not be an eye sensible in a corporate setting. Also, it is ideal for this market for it will spare the workplace from the foul aspect of a rodent brought by other similar product category. 4) Describe the current marketing ruffle up for Trap-Ease.

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