Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Drug Laws in the United States Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Drug Laws in the United States - Research Paper Example on that point are different types of medicates, some of them which are quite complicated to be handled by the laws. However, iodine essential consider few beneficial anes like Marijuana and Hemp. In this paper, let us analyse the drug laws of USA, while keeping this perspective in our mind. Drug Problem in USA For to the highest degree a century now, US have been fighting against the problem of drugs. Billions of dollars are been spent in this effort almost fifty billion dollars are spent yearly for absolute drugs. Sadly Drug abusers continue to run across our courts, hospitals, and prisons (History of the US Drugs Policy par.1). Drug laws and penalizations are in all face-saving methods which are used in controlling the abuse of drugs but these methods are quite limited in order to completely eradicate the stem of all such problems. Economy, Prison system and Decriminalization of drugs If we see the feasibility of decr iminalization in USA, we mustiness first see that almost 45 million people have tried drugs in one way or the other. Now the question is, how many of them can be imprisoned? If the focus turns to rehabilitation and education, then one can use the overhaul of both rehabilitation and education effectively against drugs. ... tober, 2000, Portugal had interpreted a step which is yielded as one of the successful and significant landmarks in this arena and it made one to think quite differently. A decade ago, Portugal was struck with severe drug problems just like US is facing today. But Portugal moulded quite differently by taking away all the criminal regulations from the drugs, including the choke rated ones like cocaine, heroin etc. As a result, it led to a widespread fear that this act by Portugal would create horrible mess. But in adversely, it turned out to be quite helpful to those who are caught with drugs. As they were helped with treatment and also this new focus of the go vernment wonderfully brought down the employment rate of drugs. Also wherever the drugs increased, the increment was found quite less. Apart from that all diseases related to drugs decrease in its statistics (Greenwald p.). As a result addiction rate dropped down Five years later, the minute of deaths from street drug overdose dropped from around 400 to 290 annually (Vastag par.2). Actually the philosophy behind all this is that, decriminalizing broke the walls between the citizens and government, and room was created for education and treatment. This tactic paid off well for Portugal and it would surely help United States a lot. The Issue of Marijuana in the US Marijuana is perhaps the most unremarkably used drug in US after alcohol and tobacco. And the United States government have been political campaign long behind the regulations of marijuana. But thus, far the results are not satisfactory. In US from 1965 onwards, around 20 million marijuana offences have been recorded. T oday it is more problematic than ever because more than a degree centigrade million Americans are using it (Real World Ramifications of Cannabis Legalization and

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