Saturday, May 4, 2019

Labor Turnover in HK's Hospitality Industry Essay

force back Turnover in HKs Hospitality Industry - Essay ExampleThere is no denying that each theater director in the hospitality industry wants to control the rate of employee perturbation in order to ensure the perceptual constancy of their organization. Managers have also found that hiring and training new employees cost more than retaining and promoting current employees. Employee turnover stand cause bad effects, not only the cost of training and be hiring but in separate areas as well. The hidden costs to the company are even greater due to bad client service, poor brand projection, lower morale in the organization, loss of experience and lack of construct a corporate legacy (Branham, 2000 93). The hospitality industry depends on the relationship between customers and employees, because the employee is on the front distribution channel serving the customer directly. One expert points outthe hospitality industry is one in which at that place is a high need to ensure cust omer firmty as when a customer experiences corking quality service, he tends to visit the same hotel again. However, if the employee turn over is fast, there is difficulty in building the customer loyalty as well as the quality of service. (Marder, 2006)Sometimes even some loyal customers can be swayed to switch to a competitors business because a senior employee quit. In fact, this is especially true for the banquet and event services. Another problem is when senior employees, like managers or supervisors, heighten to other organizations they might be disclosing some confidential information to their competitors. These techniques can range from training to recipes. The end point about the control the rate of employee turnover is very important due to the high rate of employee turnover impacting the delivery of efficient services in hotels and restaurants. The trend of employee turnover should be investigated to enlighten managers about the time value of retaining employees.

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