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Economic devlopment in tanzania and oman Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Economic devlopment in tanzania and oman - Essay display caseOn the other hand, Soheir Mohamed Hegazy writes about the economic development initiatives that Oman has taken over time. She relates the advancements in the economy of the dry land to its cultural set-up while proposing the needfulness for the betterment of the tourism infrastructure. Therefore, this work leave behind present an analysis of two articles Tanzania in Transition from Nyerere to Mkapa by Wangwe (2010) and Conservation of Omani archaeological sites, Haratal Bilad by Hegazy (2014). The analysis will, therefore, give the background for the compare of the historical developments of the two economic systems.Professor Samuel Wangwe is an economist and economic advisor to the governance of Tanzania, as sanitary as a policy researcher who has played a role in several organizations. He is a presiding member of the Independent Monitoring Group (IMG), a body that is responsible for supervising the coalition of the government of Tanzania and donors. The chapter, therefore, reviews the challenges and the improvements that the government has gone through altogether and provides an insight as to the suggested course of action that will suit the government of Tanzania at best.Wangwe gives a brief background information regarding the history of Tanzania economically. The government officials developed strategic reforms basing on the economic crisis that arose during the 1980s, which primarily targeted finances (Utz 2008). As the time progressed, the government and its regime want to integrate institutional reforms into their agenda. However, this was proved to be a challenge since it required an advanced gradation of engagement from administrative figures, which was not put in place. Consequently, donors noted the limitations and shortcomings and believed that the government was not interested in its promised programs. Contrarily, the government felt that donors were intrusive in the

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