Wednesday, October 9, 2019

The Psychological and Medical Effects of Plastic Surgery Term Paper

The Psychological and Medical Effects of Plastic Surgery - Term Paper Example In light of our culture that overly deifies skinny and C-cup breasted women, people who are not satisfied with their appearance reckon that undergoing plastic surgery will do miracles for their popularity or boost their self-esteem. To some degree, this may be a rational expectation considering the studies conducted on patients who have availed of cosmetic procedures. These studies show that most patients posted positive feedback on the procedure and are pleased with the outcome as their self-worth have been significantly enhanced. These patients assert that plastic surgery has helped them overcome distress and shyness and improved the quality of their lives. (Castle, Honigman & Phillips) However, despite these optimistic results, people should not be misled to believe that cosmetic surgery is the magic potion for their problems. Specialists noted that some customers have unrealistic expectations of cosmetic procedures because of what they see on television, hear from friends and dishonest doctors. Such behavior is said to result in great dissatisfaction and may lead to depression, adjustment problems, family problems and anger towards surgeon. There have also been studies linking dissatisfaction with plastic surgery to suicide but this is still subject to further assessment since findings are not conclusive. (Dittmann) Medical Effects Although cosmetic procedures are deemed generally safe, some surgeons assert that a number of patients are not aware or tend to disregard the possible medical effects of plastic surgery. These people fail to perceive that plastic surgery is indeed a form of surgery that has medical implications. For instance, a cosmetic procedure may cause rupturing and permanent scarring. Aside from these, there may also be a need for periodic operations to replace or remove the implanted device. In addition, specifically for those who wish to undergo breast implants, there may be potential interference with breastfeeding and mammography that may delay cancer diagnosis. (Boodman)  Ã‚  

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