Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Its about a introductory, and I have already do the introducing part Essay

Its about a introductory, and I have already do the introducing part. I want you answer the following questions based on the articles and ppt - Essay Example I moved to Eugene to take an Economic major that will arm me with the proper knowledge and skills for my future career. I like the city of Eugene because it offers a convenient, quiet, and a peaceful studying environment. In my spare time, I like doing English-related activities such as listening to English songs, watching English movies, and television programs or attending activities organized by English-speaking students to improve my English skills. I have an interest in technology; thus, the course will be attractive as it includes the use of the same. My cultural identity has Chinese roots advocated in Confucianism since I am a student from Nanchang. Specifically, the Chinese traditional values that influence my perception include core values such as benevolence, righteousness, wisdom, harmony, honesty, filial piety, and reliability (Riggle & Rostosky,  2012). Consequently, these values help my social interactions by promoting humanist association that promotes justices, fairness, collaboration, and compatibility among others. Sexual identity is the way an individual thinks of himself or herself in terms of romantic and sexual attraction. Specifically, this includes the use of terms such as gay or bisexual. Sexual behaviors and sexual orientation have a significant influence on individual sexual identity (Riggle & Rostosky,  2012). Therefore, using these dimensions to express my sexual identity, I am a straight male who has an attraction to the opposite sex and defines my sexual relationships only under the confines of the male-female relationship. Gender identity is the label that an individual feel more comfortable to use when describing him or herself as either male or female. Culture has a higher influence on gender identity as it describes what roles are for men or women and the interaction between the two genders. In addition, it expresses how an individual of a certain gender is to carry him or herself and uphold the gender identity

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