Friday, October 18, 2019

Performance and Talent Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Performance and Talent Management - Essay Example c. Incremental progression - academic staff – unless staff are have reached the maximum point for their salary level, they are eligible for incremental progression after a year’s tenure provided their performance is satisfactory. d. Study support, provision to be released from duties to pursue study and skills development programs that would enhance the capability of the academic staffs. II. Limitations While the remuneration package at UTS seems impressive, a close examination of the parameters of satisfaction of its academic staffs reveal that there are two areas that the university performance system scored dismal. The result of the of UTS academic staff satisfaction rate that can be considered dismal scoring below 50% are the career development opportunity dimesion at 42% and cross-unit cooperation, especially across different areas of UTS scoring a mere 42%. Interpreting this scores meant that UTS academic staff perceives their career development at UTS to be bleak and that they are uncooperative lacking the capacity to do teamwork. This can be considered as a curious case because the dismal figure of 42% in career development is already considered progressive as it already increased by 2% since 2009. This gives no reason to tap the management of UTS at the back because taking this figure objectively meant that it came from a a very negative base that a slight change is already considered an improvement. Cooperation is at 42% which surprisingly is 16% higher compared to other universities. This does not however mean that UTS should already congratulate itself because it still mean that UTS is underderperforming though it is not alarming compared to the career development opportunity dimension which can directly impact the academic staffs stay and performance in the university. Close investigation through the interview details of the survey revealed the reason behind the dismal career development perception of academic staff in UTS. It reveale d that the performance system of UTS is designed for minimum compliance and does not appeal to achievers. An excerpt of the interview revealed; (What kind of elements of UTS performance and development planning are you NOT happy with?) Our system does not mean anything if the performance is NOT poor. Just surface administrative system that in align with compliance. (Specific question) Do you think that UTS performance and development system are in align with UTS strategic goal and vision? Yes, they are on the system. But just focus on implementing. We think the systems is just showing what we should do minimally. From this statement, the dismal figure of UTS career development score is better understood that the academic staffs does not findt the UTS Performance System to be challenging enough to motivate them. Analysis To better understand the case, it has to be understood that UTS is an academe and the subject of analysis are the academic staff who are intellectuals whose jobs req uire cerebral work rather than manual labor. This is important to cite because the nature of work has bearing on performance system implemented that would motivate the workforce. Motivation is important because a motivated workforce â€Å"can handle a variety of assignments, work autonomously,

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