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French Mousse Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

French Mousse - Research Paper Example The target market for French Mousse is the people in urban area who prefer to spend on food. The main strength of French mousse is its cost. It is moderately cheap to purchase and thus affordable by many consumers. The other strengths are its rich taste and easy availability. The French Mousse is delicate, fresh and wonderful dessert which is prepared with traditional French ingredients and it can be available at any gourmet restaurants and corner cafes. Customer will never be disappointed in finding French Mousse. The main weakness of French Mousse is its calorie. It is avoided by many young and aged people who are quite health conscious and don’t prefer food having calories. However, there are opportunities for French Mousse in the sense that, if the people of France accept it and the product becomes success in food market, then it can expand in other areas besides France. The biggest threat of French Mousse is the consumer spending on food. People of France had shown less i nterest in spending money on food and beverages, besides there is a probability that certain retailer can sell fake French Mousse in market. This can negatively affect the willingness to purchase French Mousse. Sales Promotion Advertising The advertising through television in France had shown good record. According to statistics of 2005, France spent total 1208.23 Euros for food advertising through television. Thus, advertising through television will be beneficial for French Mousse to promote their products because it is the most preferable advertising technique for food promotion. Advertising Media Television Newspaper Magazine Outdoor Radio Cinema Expenditure (Million Euros) 1208.23 12.37 113.5 21.68 61.83 2.58 Source: (EACA, â€Å"EU Advertising Spend Statistics†). Source: (EACA, â€Å"EU Advertising Spend Statistics†). The advertising for French Mousse will be shown on one popular channels of France which is â€Å"TF1†. TF1 possess the largest audience shar e in France which was accounted as 23.1% in 2011 (Mediametrie, â€Å"Mediamat Weekly†). For television advertising 30 second’s time will be purchased at 8 PM in TF1 at Sunday. The cost of one advertisement in TF1 is 550000 FFR. The advertisement of French Mousse will be shown once in a week for three weeks. Therefore, the budget for advertisement in TF1 channel will be 550000 ? 3 = 1650000 FFR = 369383 USD (approximately) (SBG Companies Limited, â€Å"Tf1 Had 52 Mln FFR Ad Receipts for World Cup Final†). Magazine & Newspaper The magazine contributes second highest portion for advertising in France. The French Mousse product will be shown on the monthly magazine of France for example in ‘France Magazine’. It can increase the awareness of the French Mousse. The reason for choosing this magazine is that it has good audience of about 75,000 readers. The cost for one advertisement in the â€Å"France Magazine† is 4500 USD. French Mousse will be sh own in this magazine for about 3 times in a year which will cost 4500 ? 3 = 13500 USD (Gaebler Ventures, â€Å"France Magazine - Magazine Advertising Costs†). Newspaper is another popular advertising media of France which can contribute to significant brand awareness. For advertising of French Mousse the â€Å"France-Amerique - NY – Newspaper† is chosen. The ad for French Mousse will be shown once in a week for four weeks. The cost for advertising is 23 USD per advertisement. So the budget for newspaper advertisement for French Mousse is calculated as 23 ? 4 = 92 USD (Gaebler Ventures, â€Å"France-Amerique - NY - Newspaper Advertising Costs†) Radio Advertising For advertising French Mousse radio will be used as third medium. The reason for choosing radio as promotional media is that it offers the opportunity to make big splash around an area. Since French Mousse will enter in France, thus the most cost effective method to promote French Mousse will be th rough radio. One radio station had been chosen for advertising in France which is France Inter. The estimated cost of radio advertising is estimated

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