Saturday, October 5, 2019

Legal Language-Research Essay Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Legal Language- Essay - Research Paper Example This assignment will look at the impact of new media on the conduct of judges and juries in relation to a public lecture by the Chief justice of the Victorian Supreme Court, Marilyn Warren, on Open justice in the technological age (Warren, 2013). Juries play a fundamental role in allowing for a participation in the criminal justice process that is all inclusive and reflective of the values found I the community (Robbers, 2008). As such, juries are made up of people gotten from the community and who determine the outcome of a trial. They are to reach decisions basing on the information obtained from court proceedings. This is done with full respect of the law and also in accordance to instructions given to them by the judges overseeing the trials. Information they obtain during court proceedings which in law sums up as evidence is not supposed to be communicated to members outside the jury (Harlow, 2012). They are required to make their deliberations among themselves and not include members of the public including friends and relatives as doing so would compromise on their impartiality if not objectivity. In addition, they are not supposed to have preconceived opinions pertaining to the defendant such as whether he is guilty or not and only use the rule of law to arrive at their decisions. The introduction of new media especially one that is associated with internet is threatening to undermine the workings of juries (Surette, 2014). This is because it posses the challenge on need to observe the right of the public to be given information pertain to their justice system and that of the accused to be subjected to a trial perceived to be fair by all standards. This challenge has caused some juries to be in new headlines for all the wrong reasons. Jurors are now getting used to accessing information that is fast passed as they constantly receive emails, Facebook and twitter posts that influences their

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