Thursday, October 17, 2019

Organizational behavior - interpersonal skills and managerial roles Essay

Organizational behavior - interpersonal skills and managerial roles - Essay Example The four functions of management are planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. Planning implies setting objectives and identifies the actions that must be performed to achieve the objectives (Schermerhorn, et al. 2003). Organizing involves dividing work structures into individual tasks and arranging the organizational resources to accomplish those tasks. Leading refers to the act of creating enthusiasm among the workers so that they work hard to accomplish tasks successfully (Schermerhorn, et al. 2003). Controlling is related to the act of monitoring the performance of the employees and taking corrective action whenever necessary. All the managerial functions are equally important. An important interpersonal skill that a manager must possess is good communication skills. The manager must be good at both written and verbal communication. He must use verbal communication to inspire and motivate the workers to achieve a higher level of performance. Employees that are properly motivated by the manager are more productive. A manager can motivate an employee by using intrinsic and extrinsic rewards. An example of an intrinsic reward is telling an employee he did a good job on a task, while an example of an extrinsic reward is offering a financial incentive such as a bonus. Managers must be good active listeners. â€Å"To listen means we not only understand what you have to say, we can practically apply your thought process back to you† (Nelson, 1995). They must have great writing skills because managers are required to write reports for the different stakeholders group of the company which includes lenders, suppliers, investors, employees, government, and the board of directors. Three essential skills that a manager must possess are technical skill, human skill, and emotional intelligence. Human skills refer to the ability to work well with

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