Saturday, August 17, 2019

What Was the Best Gift That You Have Given or Received?

Heather Nguyen Writing V Date: Sep- 19-12 Topic: What was the best gift that you have given or received? What make this gift special? â€Å"The only way that you can ever know if something is of value to you is by the way it feels as you are receiving it†. We all would like to have a gift, even if the gift is invaluable or inexpensive; it also brings for all of us happiness and respectability. To me, the day I gave birth to my son is the gift I have received which changed my life forever.No word can describe how special my gift means to me. As someone quotes: â€Å"Somebody said that a child is carried in its mother’s womb for 9 months. Somebody does not know that a child is carried in its mother’s heart forever†. When he entered this world with the first sound of his crying, I knew that we blended for life. God brought my son to me as a non material gift. It was amazing while I was pregnant, the movement inside the womb, the kicks when he heard a noiseâ⠂¬ ¦My pregnancy was difficulty but I really enjoyed it.This gift made me stop and realize how precious and special life truly is. My house is filled full with his smiles, kisses, hugs, laughs, and love†¦I cannot imagine what my life would be like without him. He is truly a gift. He means the world to me. I am very proud to have him in my life. Sometimes I get too much depression because of real life; I look at him, and forget what I have been though. He makes me laugh and reminds me to slow down and enjoy life. He is a miracle that makes my life happier.On the other hand, I do not have time for myself; I work harder to raise him. For example; I always wake up in the middle of the night because he is crying. Over all, even if I knew how difficult it was being, I will do anything I can do for him to become a good person. Gifts are something that are unforgettable and love the person who gives it to you. Gifts can bring people closer together. I thank God everyday for giving me t his wonderful gift. No gift that I ever received in my life can compare to this . My son is truly a special gift to me.

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