Saturday, August 24, 2019

Employability and Personal Development Assignment

Employability and Personal Development - Assignment Example Technological advances, multi-education programs, highly dynamic business environments and human mind-set have caused significant changes in the job-market over the last few decades. When it comes to the present day job-market, modern and traditional career makes greater differences, for instance, women generally tend to choose traditional career opportunities than the other, although they too embrace modern jobs in greater numbers. Modern career spans various jobs like skilled trading, services, professional and technical career etc. Modern jobs seem to be more challenging and better paying opportunities than the traditional careers. Technical or professional careers require higher qualifications and specialized skills whereas traditional careers are ordinary stereo-typed jobs that do not require such qualifications and skills. Modern jobs are more paying than traditional ones due to that traditional jobs are easy to perform and are requiring less skills and qualifications. As there are major differences between modern and traditional careers in respect to the skills, qualifications, knowledge and experience required for each, matter of interest and job satisfaction also become significant factors. For example, people seem to enjoy more satisfaction from skilled trading or technical jobs due to that it is more paying and more dignified jobs than the traditional ones. In these days, modern jobs are preferred by women and this trend has been increasing tremendously in many countries. It is not unusual to see females in many skilled trading, technical and professional careers like nursing, managing, sportscaster etc. The career being chosen must be one that gives satisfaction so that it may not be a burden throughout one’s life. I consider modern career to be approached and I feel that modern careers are challenges. There can be many formal job-seeking steps to be followed like meeting

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