Friday, August 23, 2019

Information System Analysis of Developing Parking Systems Assignment

Information System Analysis of Developing Parking Systems - Assignment Example This paper illustrates that management information has been used to improve parking systems in most many corporations. The principles of Management Information Systems in relation to car parking is to develop efficient car park systems. There is a current parking problem at MUN and it is affecting the operations of the organization. The parking spaces are assigned to specific individuals and they cannot be used by any other individuals. Furthermore, if the individuals are not available his or her parking slot cannot be accessed. The organization is looking for an intelligent parking system that will be used to address the current parking crisis. Management will help develop a method to improve transportation in the enterprise. On the other hand, intelligent car parking has been successfully used to reduce congestion near car parking areas. The parking area will help students and staff members at MUN. It will increase the range of parking convenience and vehicle security in the instit ution. The individuals at the faculty will be able to share their parking in the institution. This will allow them to take advantage of the different peak periods. Students will be able to park once and do their activities efficiently. The parking area will control by a barrier at both the entrance and the exit. The barriers will have CCTVs installed on them that capture the occupants of the vehicle. Vehicles will be issued with parking tickets that allow shows the time of entrance. Individuals will use the ticket to pay for the parking online or manually. Wireless sensor networks are used globally to collect and monitor information for the purpose of decision making. They can be used in different environments to monitor information for car parking. The sensors are low cost and are deployed in a car park field whereby each parking lot has a sensor node. The sensor node monitors the activities of the car park slot and sends a message to a database. The database is accessible by the u pper layer management system that analyzes the information.

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