Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Marketing & Promotion Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Marketing & Promotion - Assignment Example The coffee would appeal to these target age groups through contemporary and clean designs that shall be presented in a consistent way in its product and package designs, interior of the store and advertising. For young adults whose age is between18 and 24, the coffee shop would position itself as a place where college students can study, write, read and hang out with others. This target market tends to grow by 4.6% every year. The coffee shall be an ethically traded coffee (obtained through â€Å"fair trade†); hence, it shall focus specifically on career-oriented individuals living in urban areas with relatively higher incomes. These individuals are socially responsible individuals who care about sustainability and environment and would not hesitate in paying a premium price for an ethically traded coffee. Due to the presence of cultural diversity in UAE this strategy would be particularly useful in attracting foreigners and tourists who would rather go for ethically traded coffee rather than otherwise. The brand’s offerings are targeted towards such affluent individuals who are likely to go to Tim Horton’s or McDonalds. Furthermore, part of the proceeds of coffee purchases shall be donated regularly to local charity funds. The coffee would be promoted through television via placement in various reality and other shows. The â€Å"branded entertainment† strategy would be used here whereby the subliminal placement of coffee in these shows would subconsciously remind customers of the coffee brand while they watch their favorite shows (Hudson and Hudson). Since young, contemporary students and professionals are also targeted, therefore, contests can be run during popular shows such as â€Å"Friends†. Shows of this sort can be used to show a group of teenagers visiting the coffee’s outlet for getting together. The outlet of this coffee brand can then be promoted as being a place where individuals can relax, read novels or

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