Saturday, August 24, 2019

SOW-425 Assignments Soccial Walfare Policy & services Assignment

SOW-425 Assignments Soccial Walfare Policy & services - Assignment Example The help to increase relevance of social work professional in the society and ensure that the social needs of future generations are systematically catered for (Peterson, 2013). It has been reported that the rate of poverty and economic inequality will increase significantly. For instance the level of poverty has been projected to increase in the next decades at a rate of sixteen percent. The impact of poverty to personal life are numerous, among those impacts include; it denies a person an access to quality education, it further denies person an opportunity to access better healthy cares because most of poor people may not have necessary funds to pay for the best hospitals. Additionally, poverty leads to poor living standards for instance most poor people lives in poor housing facilities and can’t afford the best meals. Further, poverty causes people to engage in criminal acts such as stealing, prostitution and drug trafficking in a bid to move on with life. Additionally, poverty affects children’s in numerous ways. For example children’s from poor families may not be in a position to access quality education (MacNeil, 2010). Research indicates that children from poor families tend to die during birth and infancy. Moreover, children from poor have /been reported to suffer malnutrition related complications because their parents can’t afford healthy food. Additionally, children’s from poor families view education as a way to rescue themselves from poverty unlike those from the rich families. Moreover, poverty affects our society in numerous ways. For instance, in a society where there majority of people are poor, the cases of socials evils such as prostitution, drug trafficking and theft have been reported to be substantially higher (MacNeil, 2010). The impacts of economic recession are numerous. For example, economic recession has the impact of causing the number of children living in abject poverty to increase significantly. Additionally, the

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