Monday, August 12, 2019

Discrimination Against African-Americans Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Discrimination Against African-Americans - Essay Example As a result, the lives of the Negros adopted inferiority complex, lower class status, oppression, and lack of basic resources to build their lives. This paper will thus reflect on the topic discrimination against the African- American in this period stipulated in the book, The Souls of Black Folk  by Du Bois, W. E. Burghardt. The paper will reflect and discuss the various forms of discrimination against the Negros as shown in this book. There was utmost discrimination regarding the accordance of education between the African- American youths and the American youths. Indeed, the whites qualified Washington submissions to have a narrow education background. The Negros youths education basis was reliant on industrial training, as they could not access higher education. In light of this, there was steady withdrawal of financial aid meant for higher training of the Negros1. Washington advocates for a common school and industrial training. Actually, Negro- common schools only existed whe re teachers got training from Negro colleges or by their graduates. Similarly, the Negro slaves could not access basic education and would live in separation from their relatives. This is because the whites believed that basic or formal education would help the slaves to know their rights and would possibly revolt or escape. This segregation in the provision of education amounts to discrimination. Where Negros could not access higher education and were only reliant on industrial training, this limited them to normal jobs and provision of hard labor in the white farms. The Negros could not access formal employment since their education background was narrow and not relevant in the white color jobs. This called for provision of education to the youths on basis of ability, common schools, enough well- equipped colleges, and universities. This would enable the adequate training of the Negro youths as teachers, political leaders, and professionals. In absence of this, the Negros would re main in hard labor, low wages, no access to formal jobs and political leadership. Indeed, the denial to equal chances of education is the primary source of all other discriminations on African- Americans. There was discrimination in according the civil rights2. This was evident in the distinct way the whites treated the Negros. The Negro slaves got severe treatments that included capital punishments from their white masters. Indeed civil rights were subject to race, economic class, and political power. Where the Negros suffered civic inferiority, belonged to the lowest economic class, and had no access to political power, their civic rights were subject to jeopardy3. Actually, they faced discrimination in registering for citizenship where stringent measures against them were present and even getting legal representation was still challenging. There was abuse or denial on most of their basic human rights like right to education, equal resources, citizenship, representation, and assoc iation. The rights of the whites were more favored. Hence, they did not enjoy civil equality and thus missed on the equal share of resources. As a result, they lost their self –respect and dignity, were intimidated, could not venture in meaningful opportunities, and got rare representation in the national government. This accordance of civil rights in relation to race and class was the strongest discrimination that

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