Saturday, June 8, 2019

Quality Education to Students in Monroe College Essay

Quality Education to Students in Monroe College - Essay ExampleI have always believed that studying at Monroe College would bring many an(prenominal) benefits to my life. Education wise, Monroe has received nothing only positive reviews regarding the quality of its curriculum. Given the hazard to study at Monroe, I am confident that I get out grow in leaps and bounds in the field of my interest which is criminal rightness. Starting from when I was still a child, I always dreamt of working in the criminal justice department. The interest I have had in this career has led me to distend my knowledge and interests by reading related journals, enabling me to expand my view on the subject. Monroe provide certainly provide me with the greatest honour in growing in this career both as a bookman and as an individual. I still believe that there is more to come because criminal justice is a wide and detailed area of professionalism. Criminal justice entails law enforcement, legal studies , human services, corrections, probation, and parole. In addition to that, it extends to human services offered at both the federal and state level. Monroe College will adversely provide me with the opportunity to study and understand the wide range of issues that exist in our society. Currently, my community is ravaged by a mirage of problems, all criminal related. Existing solutions seem to work, but there is a need to provide long-term solutions especially for the complex problems. I believe the knowledge that I will garner at Monroe will provide me with the knowledge and skill to provide lasting solutions to the benefit of the community.

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