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American history-us constitution Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

American storey-us constitution - Essay ExampleThe 19th century saw the birth of a rigid US disposition with the toleration of the Ordinance of 1787. May 14th saw the Constitutional Convention meeting at Philadelphia and on September 17th, the Constitution was finished and signed by the delegates. The twentieth century is the modern period of the US even though seriously marred by the two World Wars (1914 - 1918 and 1939 - 1936 respectively) and the Great Depression of the mid 1930s.The invoice of the America has been a very dynamic one. It can be divided into a five timelines timeline of the colonization (1000 - 1764) the timeline of the American Revolution (1765 - 1786) Adoption of the Constitution (-the biggest taste in republic) the Civil War and Modern Times timeline (1861 - 1904) the World War II timeline (1939 - 1945).1This dynamism is described by the Professor of History at the Moritz School, Ohio secern University, Michael Les benedick, in more than 40 essays in Amer ican History. Perhaps Benedicts works give the most comprehensive analogy of the biggest experiment in the history of democracy the United States Constitution. The US constitution can be considered as the apex of US history. In an essay entitled Expanding the Scope of American Constitutional History, Benedict asserts that in the nineteenth century every history of the United States attended closely to the nations constitutional development--to the constitutional issues that precipitated the American Revolution, to American History 3the operation of the Articles of Confederation, the shut in and ratification of the Constitution itself, issues of state rights versus nationalism, constitutional aspects of slavery, Civil War, and Reconstruction. (Benedict) This statement by Michael Les Benedict is a clear indication that US history is mainly inscribed in its Constitution. The United States is a former British colony and at the time of the colonization used mainly Crown laws in its col onies. In effect, the authors of the Constitution of the US attempted to do away with those aspects of British laws that limited democracy and urbane liberties in the light of the history of that great nation. That was the reason why the excite of rights was inserted into the US constitution to protect the rights of the minority and to ensure equality for all in the USA.An analysis of post Constitutional Amendments proves that Benedicts findings on the US constitutional history can still be confirmed today. All constitutional amendments of the US Constitution are indeed geared towards ameliorating the ethical values of a revolutionary people. The Bill of Rights has given the US the name of the most democratic nation of the World and has equally given the US the fame of a land of freedom. From its discovery to the present, the US has always been called the land of opportunity for all. Equally inscribed in this debate are recent measures taken by the US to assert the protection of i ts constitution and civil liberties of US Citizens in the fight against terrorism. This fight saw the adoption of the US Patriot Act post 9/11.No nation is more proud of its governance of

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