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Mystery Skull Lab Report Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Mystery Skull - Lab Report ExampleThe closed book skull has the values of these indices put down as 65, 23 and 90 respectively. The skulls were first grouped with acknowledgment to the index of supra-orbital height and the specimens D, F, G, H, I and B whose scientific names are given in chart 1 were found to the potential identities of the arcanum skull. The recorded values for the supra-orbital values were 70, 58, 58, 70, 66 and 70 respectively which were close to the mystery skulls values of 65. The observation was then narrowed down to the index of nuchal firmament height and only three specimens (F, G and I) bore a resemblance to our mystery specimen with recorded values of 21, 23 and 12 referenced against the mystery specimens value of 23.A reference was then made to the index of the condylar position and we only remained with G and I ( military personnel erectus and Archaic Homo sapiens respectively). In order to separate the two specimens the non-index characteristics wer e observed and the physical traits of the specimens that match the ones of the mystery skull 1 were noted. The specimen G has thick spunkbrow hump while that is not the case for specimen I. in this case the mystery skull is similar to specimen I. it is also observed that the specimen G has a stick out face when compared to both specimen I and our mystery skull 1. A look at the shape of the eye orbits suggests that our mystery skull is skull I since skull G has square eye orbits while I and the mystery skull both have oval eye orbits. The height of the nasal orbit is also shorter for g when compared to the height of G and the mystery skull 1.The index characteristics index of supra-orbital height, index of nuchal area height and the index of the condylar position of the mystery skull 2 are recorded in the chart 1 as 71, 37 and 44.

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