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Nutrition and Dietetics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words - 1

Nutrition and Dietetics - Essay ExampleAmong the most common lifestyle, medical complications associated to poor dietary include obesity, diabetes and ulcers among others. This implies that viands is an important decisive of the spread and the ability of individuals to manage their medical histories. The dietary balance provides an effective means of eradicating some of the diseases. Nutritionists carry out extensive researches through which they determine the beaver foods and nutritious value in the foods thus influencing patients diet in order to fasten the mend process. The body requires adequate energy to facilitate such basic functions as respiration. After ensuring the provision of such basic amounts of energy to the body, the comestibleists thus engage in the discovery of nutritious content that influence the genes of the patients thus hastening the healing process. Nutrigenomics help nutritionists by providing the relationship between nutrients and the numerous diets. Ef fective research in the branch of nutritional genomics thus helps determine the most appropriate food for diverse medical check up ons (Artemis, 2010). Study of genotype in the tr play outment approach to T1DM Genetics plays a role in T1DM . There is a genetic sensitivity in the occurrence of the disease. This is related to Mendelian genetics where the expression of the genes is based on the dominant or the recessive ones. This is where the phenotypic expression of the genes or allelomorph come into play in the treatment used or T1DM. In doing this, the treatment adopts an approach which looks for expressive genes for insulinase. Any defects noted in relation to this argon then noted earlier for the adoption of the right lifestyle factors. All this is made possible y learning the genotype in terms of allele expression. Muller (2003) notes that adopting an approapriate risk free lifestyle should then be embraced. Insulin in the genotype of T1DM The absence of insulin in the body th us results in the increase of the billet sugar level as the glucose levels go unregulated. Diabetes mellitus is the most common diabetes. The causes of the disease vary with most being lifestyle complications. The study of genotype is fundamental in the treatment and prevention of the disease since among the most common causes includes the ingestion of more sugar. As stated earlier, Nutrigenomics is the study of the relationship between nutrients in the foods people eat and the structure of the cells. This makes Nutrigenomics integral in the formulation of effective dietary combinations to help mitigate the susceptibility of the form of diabetes. Researches have shown that the disease arises from numerous eating disorders, which Nutrigenomics apprise therefore help alleviate. Possible Solution to T1DM Currently, the above condition presents a challenge to the medical world. This is because the condition has no known therapeutic cure. In fact, the condition can only be managed admi nistered insulin shots. However, the appropriate solution as presented by Brethauer (2013) would be to adopt an appropriate attitude and behavior in terms of nutrition as well as lifestyle. One should exercise frequently and avoid potential risks such as fatty and sugary foodstuffs. Limitations of the study of genotype in the treatment of T1DM However, Nutrigenomics has several limitations key among which is that it takes time. Unlike drugs that

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