Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Food †Taco Bell Essay

Enjoying your nutriment with warm cooked bread along with sweet providedter to air and an iced cold drink to top it both off, or Rushing to feast your food because you rule as if you have to scarf it down in advance it gets to cold. Sit down restaurant or unwavering food what would you favour? Sitting down talking, ordering refills and desserts is my favorite while at a sit down restaurant besides some times I am in a bit of a hurry and need to baseball swing bye and get something fast that is easy to eat in a short amount of time.Some people may think fast food compared to sit down restaurants are almost the same further they do have many differences. Comparing 2 local food businesses such as taco Bell and Texas thoroughfare House, there prices I would standardised to say are a little low but the other are a little high. wetback Bell is considered a fast food joint, and is a place to go when you may be low on cash or in time when you may indispensability somethin g fast and easy after a long day at work to feed your family. taco Bell evermore has deals and low prices for those times when you want something good not to expensive but worthy your money. Texas Road can on the other march on is the opposite this is the place to go when you serious got a really good paycheck and feel as if you and your boyfriend need to be spoiled or maybe just want to have a night and go somewhere that leave have merriment serving you and also do not attend if you get a little crazy cause thats what having fun is all ab verboten.Texas Road House is considered a Steak House and it is somewhere to go when you want to enjoy a delicious meal and maybe even some drinks to have just a great night out yes you will be spending way more then you would if you went to Taco Bell but Texas road dramatics always fulfills my taste buds and its worth the money e rattling time. For some people the environment Is the most essential part about eating at a restaurant.Some like it quiet and not to be bothered others like it loud and packed. When selection a place like taco bell it is a precise quiet place to go and eat and rarely do you go in and enjoy your meal. Texas Road House on the other hand is very loud and there is always a long postponement list because its so packed. Not only is the environment consequential but also how clean the place is to, taco bell is always on top of cleaning and how nice and clean there mansion house is and also there bathrooms too.Texas Road house is clean besides all the peanuts you bring home on your shoes bathrooms are always unploughed up and you always leave with a full stomach.. To me having something fun at your restaurant is good it gives the place character and everyone knows where to go when they just feel like a bag of peanuts, or when you need some trim hot sauce packets at home. When it comes to different food items at these two places, they are different but thats what makes each place unique. Ta co bell has burritos, tacos, nachos, Mexican pizza etc.Texas Road House has a variety of things burgers, steaks, salads, baked potatoes, bread rolls, and so much more but each place does have a signature sauce they serve, taco bell has there mild ,medium, hot, and Verde sauce while Texas road house there steak sauce and there butter that everyone loves. Not only do you need the sauces and butters with your meal but you do need drinks as well. Taco bell has a variety of different pops, while Texas road house has pop, tea, lemonade, beer, margaritas, shots, etc. Taco bell compared to Texas Road house are very different in their own ways.

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