Friday, November 1, 2019

NY Safe Act Potential Impacts on Juvenile Offenders and Community Essay

NY Safe Act Potential Impacts on Juvenile Offenders and Community - Essay Example The Juvenile Justice System (JJS) refers to a group of juvenile courts in any given country. The juvenile court which is also referred to as the offender’s courts is mandated with the passing of judgments for any crime which young children commit. Many JJS especially in the New York are meant for the rehabilitation of the young children instead of imprisonment Though the JJS provides a place for the juveniles to correct their behaviors, through rehabilitation, the Act has a lot of effects on juvenile offenders, their families, community safety and the mental health practice. One of the impacts of the law or Act on juvenile offenders is that they would get to know their mistakes and thereby correct them. By punishing the young ones, they would be affected mentally, but as per the court stipulations, they should first be given advice as to why they are in court and how their behavior should be corrected (shoemaker 2009). The families of the juveniles would also be affected by the law. One of the effects to the families includes emotional stress, especially to the parents. On the other hand, the families can also appreciate for the corrective behavior that their children would adopt. Though many parents of the juvenile offenders would not appreciate the corrective behavior offered to their children, some would appreciate since their lifetime behavior would also change (Wheeler 1978). On the impact on the community, there would be improvement on the safety of the community at large since even the children form part of the community. There would also be a reduction of the number of crimes and this would also serve as a lesson to the other young children in the community. The passing of laws against the juvenile offenders would also have some effects on the mental health practice in the New York. For one, the mental health practice has

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