Friday, November 8, 2019

Delinquent Law essays

Delinquent Law essays The Original law of the Illinois juvenile court defined a delinquent as: a child under the age of sixteen years who has violated any laws of the state, or any city or village ordinance. Under the common law, children between the ages of 7 and 16 years of could be dealt with as delinquent. Today in 37 states and in the District of Columbia, juvenile courts are initially responsible for all violations committed by youth under the age of 18. In ten states the age limit is 17 and in three states the jurisdictional age is 16, which means that anyone at these ages or above will face criminal prosecution. Dependency, neglect, and violation of educational laws have been included in most jurisdictions of the juvenile courts. Juvenile delinquency from a legal state combines the characteristics of social protection and restriction. Juvenile delinquency may be a reflection of ethical defects in the families pattern of living. The parent themselves may be contributing to the delinquency of their offsprings by the example of their own social misconduct. The broken home defined as one in which one or both parents are absent because of death, desertion, separation, divorce, or a commitment to an institution, have contributed to juvenile delinquency. Other factors that may contribute to the high rate of juvenile delinquency is excessive poverty, dependency, overcrowding and other poor home conditions, and the lack of parental control or attention. Why do youths join gangs? This Question has many answers, and it all depends upon many factors that are Affecting the youths life. For some youths there isnt a choice, they are born into the activities of gangs because of their parents. Others that dont have a choice are the ones who are forced in or recruited very strongly. Younger kids about the age of 10 or 11 are chased down by older, bigger and tougher gang members and beat up. They are made to keep a watch out for the police at a parti...

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