Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Joe Salatino research paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Joe Salatino - Research Paper Example Every organization’s behavior is impacted by the customer’s perception. Perception refers to how an individual comprehends the world they live in and what is comprised in that environment. Personal perception is the kind that is pertinent to a salesperson when they approach a customer. The attribution theory proposes approaches to create vindications to assess people because people have different reactions in situations. Joe’s salespeople have to understand this theory so as to know, when approach an individual, if the cause of their behavior is internal or external. Internal behaviors are the ones that the individual can control while external behaviors are beyond a person’s capability to control. People have perceptions whose source can be positive or negative past experiences. A salesperson has to be patient and avoid making fast judgment and conclusions about a perspective customer. This will be denying the customers a fair chance in their decision mak ing. There are various ways that people form perceptions. The examples are the halo effect, stereotyping, the contrast effect and selective perception. Selective perception is when a trait or characteristic makes a product or situation stand out. The halo effect happens when conclusions are based on one characteristic. The contrast effect is based on past experiences. In order to acquire a customer, the salesperson has to identify potential customers. Telemarketing has been mentioned as a method of identifying the customers. Establishing a solid rapport is crucial for the salesperson for it helps them to know the needs and requirements of the prospect and know if the products offerings can match with these needs. It also helps know if there are other unmet needs and can therefore, be a source of information on possible changes or innovations to be made by the organization. Joe’s employees have seemingly done a superb job in maintaining customers. The challenge remains in unde rstanding how they form perceptions and attributions. A successful sales representative is an excellent listener to a prospect and gets to listen to their feelings and opinions on the products being offered. Customer perception is undoubtedly mandatory in customer retention. How customers form a perception on the business, will be determined about their past experiences. How the products they used turned out to be, how they were treated previously by the salespeople, the services and prices of the organization. To understand how they form their perception, it is essential to hear out their voice regarding the business. This can be done by conducting interviews, administering questionnaires and carrying out surveys to find out what they think about the company. In understanding how they form perceptions, the employees will be able to build relationships and trust effectively with customers. Joe Salatino as the president of the company has the responsibility of directing his employees so that they can work towards achieving the overall objectives of the firm. By the employees understanding how people make perceptions and attributions, they are able to know how people create a sense of the immediate world they live. Understanding them will help in providing products and services exactly how they want it, and these will guarantee profits which is one of the company’s most fundamental goals. By doing these, they are enabled to attain cognitive

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