Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Fee-Based Higher Education Essay

Fee-Based Higher Education Essay Fee-Based Higher Education Essay Education plays a significant role in human life. People spend about 12 years at schools, and about 4-6 years in colleges. Almost everyone, sooner or later, confronts the issue of continuing his education. Some people go to a college just in order to get a formal document – a bachelor diploma. Others relate to future profession as a matter of the whole life, connecting their future with education. The development of human capital is the basis of the modern industry of higher education. If education is the most valuable wealth, then, what is the level of its availability? Does one have to pay for his education, or is it the duty of the state? I consider that higher education has to be fee-paid because in this case it would increase the authority of higher education and its quality. In the recent time, education in colleges, as private, as state ones, becomes more and more expensive. In the USA, tuition fee varies from five to forty thousand dollars per year. Although, poor students are given generous scholarships, they are often not enough for the students of the middle classes, whose family lose most of their income. However, I consider that higher education has to be fee-based on several main reasons. The obvious argument and example of this fact is the comparison of secondary and higher education in the USA. Secondary education, which is free of fee and general, does not get even an average level. Meanwhile, the higher education, which is fee-paid and expensive, is one of the best in the world. Thus, it is impossible to provide a high-qualified free education in the country of such size. In some European countries, where education is free, the level of taxes is very high. It leads to the conclusion that education is good in the countries where the taxes are very high, or where education is fee-paid. Such American universities as Harvard University (Cambridge, Massachusetts), Yale University (New Haven, Connecticut), Stanford University (Stanford, California), Princeton University (Princeton, New Jersey), are among the best universities over the world. These educational establishments have been recognized as ones of the best over the globe. Meanwhile, education is very expensive there. For example, the fee for education can get about forty thousand dollars per year and more in Harvard University. This fact proves that the most high-qualified education is fee-paid. Such education is valuable and respected in every place. The fee-paid education significantly reduces the availability of higher education. When a person pays serious money for something, then he would take it much more responsible. The opponents of fee-paid higher education state that if higher education is fee-paid, then, it would not be available to everyone. It means that people from poor or middle-class families will not have a possibility to get a higher education. I consider that quality of education will be better, than general education, which is presupposed for everybody. First of all, higher education is not necessary for everyone. People, who want to get a job, are used to go to the colleges. Meanwhile, the employers usually demand higher education, not because it is really necessary for them, but because it has become common. The vast majority of people do not use higher mathematics in the work. They even very rarely use the high school level math. How many times have you applied mathematical integral in the work? Of course, if you are not an engineer or a scientist. Nowadays, higher education is the usual formality. But its not explained that education is bad, and that only a small percentage of people working in the certain areas, really need it. Many vacancies demand only the fact of the presence of higher education. Very often they do not even specify the area, in which it was obtained or success in the study. In many new areas, employers do not even need the higher education, and they are not interested in the formal education. For example, in the field of the informational technologies, the specialists only can show their professional knowledge and abilities to get the job. So, there are two main points, which prove that higher education has to be fee-paid. The first point is that higher education is not necessary for everyone. Most of the people use it only as formality, which devalues ​​the education system as a whole, creating a lot of mediocre educational establishments. The second point is that higher education works good when it is fee-paid. It is good for students, which receive a qualified service, and for the instructors, which get good salaries. Payment for higher education automatically creates its elite status. It does not mean its unavailability for everyone, but elitism, which causes a wish to pay for it. Higher education is a service, which can be consumed or not by a human according to the planned way of life. As any other service, which needs to be high quality, it has to be fee-paid. Visit essay writing service to get custom essays on Higher Education topics. Our writers guarantee high quality and plagiarism-free!

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