Monday, September 23, 2019

The effect of coffee and tea on dental erosion Research Paper

The effect of coffee and tea on dental erosion - Research Paper Example In order to have a healthy body, one must have clean teeth because they are the most visible internal part of the body. Teeth show up while an individual talks, eats, smiles and yawns. Clean teeth directly boost the confidence of an individual whereas stained teeth are a source of embarrassment for the individual who has them. The individual with clean teeth can socialize more confidently in comparison to an individual who has stained teeth, particularly at a very young age in life. In light of the relation of teeth hygiene with the confidence of an individual, it can be said that cleanliness of teeth is essential for good psychological health of an individual. Healthy psychology is essential for good personality, which is in turn essential for healthy society. Tea and coffee are beverages that are consumed by almost every single member of the society on a daily basis irrespective of age. People generally have a taste for both of them and these beverages are an essential part of the daily meal. In light of the immense consumption of both tea and coffee, it cam be said that this research applies to a vast majority of people in the society. This is a very useful research in that it would make them aware of the negative effects of an everyday beverage on their teeth.

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