Friday, September 13, 2019

Managing Diversity in the Company Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Managing Diversity in the Company - Essay Example In exploring the article about managing diversity, I will start by outlining the reasons why I chose this article. The main reason why I chose this article is that it gives a comprehensive discussion of the issue of diversity in organizations. In addition, my choice of the article emanates from the fact that it has discussed current issues affecting diversity by describing diversity in the 21st century. The article is appealing in its discussion and is relevant to management issues and why diversity should be part of any formal organization. Moreover, my choice of the article was determined by the fact that it has outlined various frameworks and approaches, which are essential to valuing and managing diversity. My interest in the article was also driven by the range of topics that are discussed. For example, the article has provided a description of terms such as workforce diversity, cultural diversity, affirmative action, valuing diversity, equal employment opportunities, as well as multiculturalism. All these topics are crucial in enhancing the reader’s understanding of diversity in organizations.I also chose the article because it discusses the importance of diversity in both private and public organizations. Moreover, the article has provided the advantages that accrue when there is diversity in organizations. In the article, the author has discussed the many positive effects of diversity and the benefits that an organization derives from embracing diversity. In addition, the article is relevant to the issue of managing diversity since it has provided the conceptual values, as well as perspectives of diversity from various parts of the world. For example, from the article, one can derive that institutions in the American context are more concerned with the protection of the rights of minority groups. The dominance of the majority towards the minority is seen to hinder diversity in organizations.

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