Thursday, September 12, 2019

Conflict Management Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Conflict Management - Assignment Example Having nothing to do at home, I decided to check on Jack earlier so that we could spend sometime telling stories as usual before finally setting off to Marcus’s party, which was some hours away. Never did I know that a bizarre incident was boiling up for the day. When my friend Jack returned from shower, he thought of calling Marcus to get us informed of how the event was progressing and just to confirm that we would not be late for the occasion. Absurdly, Jack could not find his iPhone where he thought he had placed it. Being the only man in the room, it is needless to say I was the chief suspect. With no hesitation, my friend confronted me shamelessly for stealing his gadget. It was like I had been struck hard on my head. Stealing someone’s property? Jack was my friend, how could I be that malicious even if I was accustomed thief? I could not contain my furry. I could not resist shouting back at my friend who was also at the top of his voice demanding to be given back his treasured device. However, my shouting only escalated the conflict instead of helping to find an immediate resolution to the conflict. Fortunately, Jack’s younger sister, who was outside, heard our quarrel and came into the room, perhaps, wondering if we had gotten into party mood that early. To her dismay, we were almost to the point of exchanging blows. Her first speech was, â€Å"Please, Jack what is all this about?† â€Å"Imagine that I cannot find my iPhone when this thing here was the only one I left in the room while I went to shower!† Jack replied. Without another word, she flashed out her cell phone and called Jack’s number. Fortunately, a thrilling sound emerged from an adjacent room. Jack was too ashamed to look at me straight in the eye. On the other hand, my anger had taken full control of me to think of anything other than getting back home and nursing my moment of furry in solitude. I quietly left the room and headed home. If I could replay the

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