Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Korean American-Q1 Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Korean American-Q1 - Article Example (Park, 2010). From within the perspective of the Korean American entrepreneurship, Park outlines how various scholarships on the subject has actually highlighted the influence of culture on the self-employment tendencies of Korean Americans. Park (2012) also highlights as to how Koreans American actually avoid low paid jobs and tend to focus more on having their own small business. This has more to do with the family and cultural influence on the American-Koreans that they become actively involved in the small business ownership. (Nopper, 2009) The success of Korean Americans is also due to the innovative use of different business techniques to deliver more value to the customers. Kang suggests that uptown nails salon services offer quality services duly supported by not only emotional body services but also supplement the same through the high tech IT and other services. Further, the overall involvement of Korean American women especially in uptown nails salon services is relatively superior and thus offers an edge to Korean American entrepreneurs. (King) Despite their entrepreneurial capabilities, Korean-Americans often witnessed biasness from their customers as well as the neighboring stores. The case of liquor stores is in point wherein store owners not only faced difficult customers but they are considered as outsiders by the neighboring stores and other businesses working in the proximity. As such a clear class conflict still exists making Korean Americans victim of bias and even hatred sometimes. What is also critical to understand that despite such hostile environment, liquor stores owned by Korean Americans actually performed better owing to better communication strategies adapted. Civilized communication often proved as an important strategic tool for the store owners to actually negotiate with hostile customers as well as others. This is despite the fact that Korean Americans have not been able to assimilate into the

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