Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Challenges Faces Holiday Inn Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Challenges Faces Holiday Inn - Essay Example As the discussion highlights to  improve on sales of the restaurant, management decided to change their brand name. The action was intended to change the perception of the guests. Changing the perception of the guests would improve on sales. The increase in sales will be an outcome from fooling guests that the products in this case, which are pizza, are from a different restaurant ‘Napoli pizza’. Management of the restaurant also decided on changing delivery boxes to the room service. They also changed the brochures for each guesthouse to indicate ‘Napoli pizza’ and their phone number had a different prefix and would be as ‘Napoli pizza.  In marketing, various ethical issues should be adhered in the process of business. In this case, various marketing ethics issues were violated. Firstly, the management of Holiday inn restaurant fooled their customers by temporarily changing their brand name to ‘Napoli pizza’ with the aim of increasing sales to maximize profit. The practice was contrary to marketing ethics that requires businesses to advertize their products in promoting honesty, fairness, and responsibility. In this case, management of the restaurant failed to take the responsibility of marketing to promote their sales and instead put on a fake brand name. Another ethical issue arose from the restaurant using another organizations name without their authorization. The act resulted into disrespect and violation of the marketing and business ethics. Secondly, the restaurant provided brochures with a fake name to impress their customers and at the same time boost sale sales in the room service. The management did not show their real identity to their customers in the guesthouses and faked their delivery boxes.  

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