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Cartoon Entertainment Is Not Only For Kid Media Essay

Cartoon Entertainment Is Not Only For Kid Media Essay Nowadays, there are many entertaining programs developed for kid, these programs are more and more plentiful and they increase incessantly. One of the most popular programs is cartoon. Now, cartoon is not only for kid, it is also an entertaining program for adults. How long do you/ your kids use for watching cartoon? Which are age groups who usually watch cartoon? What is the purpose of their watching cartoon? These researches, which give some detail summarizing the whole report, may help anyone who wants to understand more clearly and care about Cartoon. Introduction Cartoon or animated movie is a form which uses optical illusion and movements of consecutive performing of many still images. The first cartoon in the world was Fantasmagorie which was made by a France artist, Emile Cohl in 1908. Produced in over 100 years ago, this film had no sound and was called silent film. With white stroke on a black board in class table the film about the adventure of the cartoon character called Stick figure. All are represented by dots and simple strokes. Traditional animated cartoon, developed in early 1900s, was practiced by Ubbe Ert Iwwerks, Walt Disney and others. They had used 24 different pictures for each second of their animated movie. The first complete cartoon was produced in 1991. However, cartoon was not recognized by worldwide audience until 1914 via category animation film Gertie the Dinosaur by producer John Bray. Early 30s of twentieth century, manufactures began to enhance color elements and sound in animation. The most representative works are maximum use of such elements as Snow white and the Seven Dwarfs (1973), this is the long animated the first episode in the history of the genre. Frequently, people think cartoons are made by many simple drawing and just put them on order. In most peoples opinion, cartoons are several pictures describing consecutive actions. In fact, the second thought is true. However, nowadays, in order to bring out a perfect product; producers have to make a lot of specific things. Base on (user Chip, 2008), we have a brief proceed about how to make a short cartoon movie. A cartoon movie, even just 30 or 80 minutes also needs a number of producers and amount of time to make it completely. Everything starts from the idea, as soon as the script has been done; a group of artists begin to develop many storyboards which include brief conversations and the sound in the movie. After director checks the storyboard out, they move on to sound recording. Many people whose voice suit with characters in the movie will be invited to dub. The sound will be dealt with and provided on the number of frame on the movie and written called paper the dope sheet. Next to this step, the layout will be drawn first; artist just only use the pencil for perspective, arrangement and movements of characters. Then, they add more colors and theme on movie and move it to computer in order to join the sc enes with the sounds. Finally, they check it out again to fix the problems and public. The cartoon making takes a lot of time. It usually takes them, on average, 6 to 12 months or maybe more just only to make a half hour cartoon. It is truly a difficult job. Furthermore, on the link, base on doctor Phà ¡Ã‚ ºÃ‚ ¡m Ngà ¡Ã‚ »Ã‚ c Thanh in Kids Hospital, watching cartoon had many bad effects on children. According to her, even in cartoon, children are affected by violence across the screen kicking, killing each other with frequency of about 20 times an hour. Children, who watch violence images on television many hours a week there, will have many violence actions as hitting, punching, biting his parents, sibling and friends. For advertising of food and alcohol, the young tend to think the food in advertisements is good for health and not interested in the importance of vegetable in their diet. In addition, kids who watch more cartoon are less physically active, easy weight gain, which leading to obesity while in young ages, children need to play creatively to social development. Finally, cartoon or television also influences childrens eyesight if they focus on looking at the scree n for prolonged periods. Method I. Participants: The researcher chose 100 people from many areas in Hanoi who have different jobs and ages. The participants in this study are: 20 students are working in Banking Academy, Hanoi, Vietnam. 30 kids from Katies living place. (Mage = 15.6 years, age range: 8 18 years) 20 younger parents who have kids (Mage = 27.3 years, age range: 23 35 years) 30 adults live around Hoan Kiem Lake (Mage = 36,3 from 19 45 years) In those participants, researcher chose 3 people to ask them a lot of special question. All of them have kid on school-age: Nguyà ¡Ã‚ »Ã¢â‚¬ ¦n Ngà ¡Ã‚ »Ã‚ c Hoa, 29 years old, lives in Hanoi and she is a business woman. She has two children, one kid is 7 years old and the other one is 10 years old. Nguyà ¡Ã‚ »Ã¢â‚¬ ¦n Phà ºc Là ¢m, 32 years old, lives in Hanoi and works as a director in a Japan Company. He has a son whom is 9 years old. Là ² A Pà ¡o, 27 years old and lives in Hanoi. He works as sale manager on a company. He has a son on school age. I choose participants of different age living in different area to be objective and results of comprehensive. I focus on those who are kids by age group most influenced by this art. As young adults age is less influenced. II. Procedure First, the researcher collected the information from some source such as: newspaper, books, Internet and so on. Then, basing on it, the researcher made some relevant questions for adults and people who care about Cartoon. Thirdly, the researcher met them in persons and interviewed to get more information. With the adults, the researcher asked them filling questionnaire or ask and the researcher filled the question list for children. After that, some quotation were cited, analyzed and compared. Finally, the researcher showed the conclusion from studies. Results Previously, there are many reports have mentioned and researches about the using of people about media, including cartoon, and its affect to the peoples life. Figure 1: Media Multitasking Among 5- to 8- Year-Olds (%) I have found a study which research about children in America with multimedia and built it up to a bar chart. Base on the above chart, we can easily see that there is up to 23 percent kids of age from 5 to 8 years old use media several hours per day. Besides that, the study also point out 16 percent of 0- to 8- year-old use more than one media most or some of the time; among 5- to 8-year-old, 23 percent do. In addition, among the 79 percent of 5- to 8-year-olds who have homework, 21 percent usually or sometime have the TV on while they do it Stevie Hossler  (August, 2011) said that typically, children begin watching cartoon on television at an early age of six month, and by age two or three, children become enthusiastic audience. This has become a problem because there are too many children are watching TV too much and these programs (even cartoon) become violent and addictive. Children watch cartoon too much on TV are more likely to have mental problems and feelings, along with brain and eyes injuries and unexpectedly the risk of a physical problem increase. Furthermore, because of seeing violent on TV, children become less sensitive to hurting and affliction of others, they are not afraid of violent and easily become aggressive or use harmful action towards other people. Besides above results that I found in references, I also had a survey with 100 people have different ages (from 6 to over 45 years old and come from many different areas around Hanoi) on the question: Do you watch cartoon movie? and if yes: How old are you?. Then, I build on one pie chart that shows us Which are age groups who usually watch cartoon? Figure 2: Which are age groups who usually watch cartoon? ( % ) Nowadays, cartoon movies are very popular and improve very quickly. Variety of cartoon movies were built for every age. From this chart we can see easily that at the period of age from 28 35, the percentage of people watch cartoon is 6 percent, makes up the smallest part of the pie chart. In that period of age, people usually too busy with their job and have no time to watching television, relaxing, even playing with their kids. A few of them spend the weekend to do those things, however it is just a short time. While, children on school age are the ones who watch cartoon the most. On the research, all kids watch cartoon every days; they watch it at home, at school and spend at least 3 hours per day for looking at television screen. It is really a huge number. Moreover, we had a survey of a number of people who watch cartoon to find answers of the question: What kind of cartoon movie do you watch? Figure 3: What kind of cartoon movie do you watch? The chart above shows us that violent cartoon is the kind that be watched the most at the age of 19 to 27, it is 5 percent. Besides that, the proportion of watching funny or education cartoon is a significant little than the violent one. The highest percentage of watching funny movie is just only 40 percent at the age of 28 to 35 years old. It the working-age and they use main animated movie for relaxing and entertaining. Whereas, the number of kids within the age of 6 to 10 years old watching funny movie is very low; there is just 20 percent of them watch this kind of cartoon and as half as this proportion on violent film. Most children will watch a movie comes across on television which tells stories about fighting between superman and monster or human and aliens. These cartoons will attract the kid by many attractive pictures and dynamic techniques. However, there are many violent fighting scene can effect directly on child brain. Discussion When I did the research about cartoon with many people, there are two opposite opinions. Nobody can deny that cartoons have many surface advantages. First, watching cartoon movie is a useful entertainment activity for children and adults. A child can lie down quietly on sofa and just watch his favorite cartoon, instead of running around or screaming when his parents are working so they can play with their kid. Moreover, cartoons also have important effect on adults, especially the couples whose young children. After several busy working hours, parents can sit next to their kids and watch cartoon together. Thank to this film, they can relax completely and have a chance to stay their children nearer. These things are better than plunging into job immediately after arriving home and do not spend any time talking to the children. Nguyà ¡Ã‚ »Ã¢â‚¬ ¦n Ngà ¡Ã‚ »Ã‚ c Hoa (29 years old, Hanoi) said that: When my daughter was younger than she is now, after working time, I arrived home and just focused on housework such as cleaning, washing, cooking and so on. Because of my job, I did not have enough time to play with my child and usually took her play by herself or with her friends next door. Recently, I realize that when I watching cartoons with my daughter, the conversation between me and my kid become closer than ever. Now, I understand my honey more clearly, know what she wants, what she thinks, and how she grows day by day. As a mother, I really feel very happy and so glad to understand her. J.Wolffe, an animation researcher wrote in an article on April, 23, 2012 that the animation is where kids learn how the hero is really, when she was a child, she could learn to pronounce quickly difficult words which make people confusing when listen to them. Smart will help you get almost everything and there is always anybody is more intelligent than you, animation teaches all that. Why? Because, via animation kids can learn and understand quickly when they are entertaining, which is one of the reason why children have difficulty learning from teachers, the pressure makes them liable to remember vocabulary as fast as sing a song in animation. At home, I always buy CD or open a cartoon channel to watch many funny movies with my son. In the past, my brood was very active; he always run around house, from a room to another room and never sits quietly on a place within thirty minutes. However, since he has watched cartoon, he can sit on chair with concentration to television without saying any word. Furthermore, he also often draws the characters on cartoon scene, training every day and improves it day by day. I am so proud of my little boy said Nguyà ¡Ã‚ »Ã¢â‚¬ ¦n Phà ºc Là ¢m (32 years old, Hanoi). Not only does cartoon bring happy time for parents with their children, but it also is a special teacher for kids, who is closest and most friendly with younger generation. Nowadays, there are many cartoon series which including educative programs. It teaches children arithmetic, drawing by using beautiful and attractive shape and funny situation. Besides that, via a lot of movies, kids can learn about some knowledge around them, improving their grasp and learning. Some programs teach 7- and 8- years old a little of a foreign language, such as English an international language. Learning English from young is an important step for language ability for children in the future. In addition, animated films have a lot of funny and eye-catching picture which attract the kids so these points will help develop and enrich the childrens imagination. A vast number of people think that watching cartoon is totally good and it does not have any bad influence on children and adults. In fact that opinion is not absolute true. Cartoon is a kind of movie which causes addiction easily. More and more kids have trend toward sitting on room and they prefer watching cartoon to going out and playing with other kids, doing exercise or other activities. Sitting and watching animated movies several hours like that can make the kids sink into the world of many imaginary characters, they can use that time to do more useful work, instead of wasting it only on watching cartoon. Cartoon is just a program used to relax and improve kids brain; it cannot replace healthy activities which will train childrens body. Moreover, base on an unpublished study perform by Mary Fenway, watching cartoon on several hours cause autism for 46% of children who usually do this work and they will find difficult on opening relationship. This is really an unexpected disadvantage of watching cartoon, which nobody is looking forward to. Besides that, nowadays, appeared many animated companies just care about their profit and are insensitive to their products affection for younger generation. Là ² A Pà ¡o (27 years old, Hanoi) said that: I usually let my son watching cartoon himself because he is very interested in this funny programs. However, recently, I feel that my son got mad more often than he had been, lazy to eat and sometime he beat his classmate in kindergarten. A few day later, I found that a cartoon channel that my child usually watch for, project an animated movie whose a lot of violent scene. Immediately, I delete that channel because it made much bad influent on my kid. Instead, I let my son watch a lot of educative cartoon and care more about what he watches. In modern life, many parents are busy with their jobs and do not notice what their child watch. Bad animated movies bring a lot of evil effect on young people, teach them things and make them have the wrong view about the lives around. Furthermore, a few animated movies which are made for adults, has unsuitable content with kids and effect on the childrens souls if they watch those movies accidentally.   On the latest study, American of Child Psychiatry and adolescents (AACAP) point out that television does not affect the behavior of children as young an age. From  their research, the AACAP countries, Kids watch shows in which violence is very realistic, frequently repeated or unpunished, are more likely to imitate what they see. They also said that childrens parents need to keep a close eye on what their kids watch, and explain for children that the cartoon character was shot was not hurt, but really would be seriously injuries or die in real life. They should tell their kids that violence is not the best ways to deal with a conflict. In conclusion, because of a lot of cartoons affections on childrens life and character in future, choosing a best cartoon for kids is an important work with who are mothers and fathers. In addition, there is an alarm for the industry for kids; they need block the commercial cartoon, give back the innocent, pure and suitable animated movies for the future generation of the world.

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