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Analysis Of Leave Your Name At The Border - 1387 Words

Blending In and Standing Out Our society is a melange of different cultures. Each culture contributes to cultural diversity without losing its separate identity. Living in this society, we identify ourselves as a member of one group with the same culture or more than one group, and we have the desire to be accepted by other members and enjoy whatever benefits membership brings with it. Manuel Munoz, the author of â€Å"Leave Your Name at the Border†, recounted an experience about hearing his last name mispronounced and explored the Anglicization of Latina names in American culture. In â€Å"My Summer at an Indian Call Center†, Andrew Marantz narrated his experiences about working at a call center in Delhi and the insight he received from others about his own culture. Does Mexican Americans’ identity have to be lost in the process of assimilation? Do the customer service representatives in Delhi have to erase any trace of their Indian identity? When we join, or ar e assimilated into a group, we are changed regardless of retaining an original cultural identity or being part of the dominant culture. The level of change we are able to achieve is based on our willingness to compromise between blending in and standing out. Navigating between cultures requires a person to blend in. Blending in is an access to get more opportunities and brighter careers. Munoz described his stepfather’s experience with the Anglicization of his name. Though unwilling to change his name from Antonio to Tony,Show MoreRelatedRacial Profiling : A Cause And Effect926 Words   |  4 PagesUnderstanding Racial Profiling: A Cause Effect Analysis of Racial Stereotypes Racism and racial stereotypes have existed throughout human history. The radical belief associated by thinking the skin color, language, or a person’s nationality is the reason that someone is one way or another has become extremely detrimental to society. Throughout human existence it has sparked tension between groups of people and ultimately influenced wars and even caused slavery. Racism in America dates back toRead MoreDNS Research Paper1556 Words   |  7 PagesThis project will briefly examine how DNS is generally secured and discuss the vulnerabilities, as DNS being a mechanism for name to IP address resolution. It will emphatically examine cryptography as one of the methods of securing the DNS and expouse the vulnerabilities in the use of cryptography By â€Å"Secured DNS†, this paper is not referring particularly to a type of DNS being secured. The secure DNS is usually offered by ISP-internet Service providers which are intelligent driven internet trafficRead MoreCharacter Analysis in Araby by James Joyce904 Words   |  4 PagesCharacter Analysis of the Narrator in â€Å"Araby† by James Joyce While â€Å"growing up† is generally associated with age, the transition from adolescence to adulthood in particular comes with more subtlety, in the form of experience. James Joyce’s short story â€Å"Araby† describes the emotional rollercoaster of its protagonist and narrator - a young boy in love with his best friend’s sister - caused by the prospects of a potential future with his crush. The narrator of James Joyce’s â€Å"Araby† is an innocentRead MoreCambodi The Country Of Cambodia1387 Words   |  6 Pagesfor decades. One economic downfall after another has led to about a third of the nation existing below the poverty line which was at 2,473 Riel or 61 cents per day in 2010. Cambodia’s population is estimated to be around 15,000,000 people. So that leaves about 5,000,000 in poverty. The current struggle Cambodia has to face is the future. The private sector needs to create enough jobs to handle Cambodia’s demographic imb alance. Nearly half of the population is under 21. Due to the poverty in this countryRead MoreThe Migration of Mexicans into the United States of America1400 Words   |  6 Pagesin the country of Mexico, many Mexican citizens yearn for a better life than what their own country could provide. In effort to attain this higher standard of living they migrate to the United States. The struggles of Mexicans do not stop once they leave Mexico, but instead they follow them through the journey of migration and even after they’ve gotten to America. Mexicans began arriving to the United States shortly after the Mexican American War in 1848, which was a battle between the U.S. and MexicoRead MoreBus 311 Business Law Entire Course Material1611 Words   |  7 Pagesbrought in federal court b) Explain the advantages and disadvantages of federal versus state court for this type of suit. Guided Response: Analyze and respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings. Do you agree with their conclusions? Did the facts you considered important in determining jurisdiction differ from your classmates? Explain why or why not.    BUS 311 Week 1 DQ 2 Tort or Crime    Tort or Crime. In Chapter 1 of the text you read about the  Bailey v. Eminem  defamation case where theRead MoreUber Business Case Study1373 Words   |  6 Pagespart of the idea of Uber came up - tap a button, get a ride (Uber)! Uber is a technology transportation service company founded by Garrett Camp and Travis Kalanick in early 2009. Uber originally was called UberCab and changed its name to simply Uber in 2011 (O’Brien). The name Uber comes from the slang Uber which means super, and have its origin from German which means above (Peterson). Uber is a pioneer in the sharing economy and ride sharing. Founder Garrett Camp came up with the other part of theRead MoreDecision I Have Made When Bought An Ipad Is High Involvement Feeling Decision1092 Words   |  5 PagesThe sequence of reaction during the entire purchasing process is feel-know-do or feel-do-know. In this situation, I did not emphasize too much on the specific information, but the general attitude and emoti onal arousal, as the product and the brand name associated with my personal system of values. Beside the size and weight, iPad is not different from my MacBook. In addition, iPad is more expensive than the alternative models of tablets. Most likely, I have chosen the Apple product because the brandRead MoreAnalysis Of The Book Men On The Sun By Ghassan Kanafani2449 Words   |  10 PagesThis analysis focuses on the story titled â€Å"Men In The Sun† by Ghassan Kanafani. One underlying basis of the analysis is displacement because character’s lives revolve around the problems that refugees encounter in their quest for better lives. Thus, the discussion shows how characters’ past lives influence their thoughts and actions. The identification and delineation of â€Å"pastfuture† and â€Å"nextness†, is based on specific moments in the story as they relate to different characters. Some of the momentsRead MoreGolda Meir Reached for the Stars Essay1560 Words   |  7 PagesHave you ever heard of Golda Meir? If you have then you know why her name and story is recorded on the shelves of time. For me, I have only just learned of this remarkable person as a result of my returning to community college and being tasked with a paper on a woman in history. The analysis of Golda Meir is an enriching experience, and raises questions and thoughts that cross many boundaries of geographic location and time about ethnic reunification, the recreation of a nation, and a perfect platform

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